October 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 25, 2013

Polhemus attributes

TO THE EDITOR: We are writing this letter in support of Sue Polhemus for county treasurer.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Sue for over 25 years. She is a hard-working, dedicated family woman.

Sue has worked with Michele in both banking and insurance and has always demonstrated strong work ethic and high integrity in the workplace.

She is detail oriented and will go the extra mile to make sure she does the job of county treasurer at a level that will exceed expectations.

Her accounting background, her past positions and her experience in local government make her a great choice for county treasurer.

Put your confidence in the right candidate with the experience to back it. Vote Sue Polhemus for county treasurer on Tuesday, Nov. 5.




Morales praised

TO THE EDITOR: When serving on a board, you find that there are various types of members.

Some members, when presented with the issues, listen to the information given to them at the meetings, see how others are voting and then make a decision. Some read the information and digest it before making a decision. Some listen, read and digest and research the issues, including making phone calls, Internet searches, questioning experts and gathering all pertinent information.

Mike Morales, a candidate for re-election to the Beekmantown Town Council, is the latter type of member.

Mike is a councilperson who always studies the items presented to the Beekmantown Town Council with an open mind and concern for all of the citizens of our town.

Mike is a watchdog of the town budget who works hard to make certain we taxpayers get the best bang for our buck. He strives to gather all facts pertaining to the topics at hand, shares information with the board and then votes for what he believes is best for our community.

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