October 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 22, 2013

Unique vision

TO THE EDITOR: John Bernardi is campaigning for the open seat in Clinton County Legislature Area 6.

John has had a career in the human-service field and nonprofit management. As the executive director of the local United Way chapter, he knows the needs and also the resources available to Clinton County residences.

John lives in the Town of Saranac with his wife and sons. They are all active members in school and sports activities.

All of this life experience gives John a unique vision on the needs of Clinton County constituents. What truly sets him apart from the field is his ability to govern.

John has proven his leadership and management abilities with large organizations. He has worked with local, state and federal agencies. He has worked with and served on boards of major institutions.

He is a problem solver that can bring people together.

Please join me in supporting John Bernardi on Nov. 5.




Town, city recognition

TO THE EDITOR: As Election Day draws near, many candidates come to mind.

First as a resident in the Town of Plattsburgh and a taxpayer in the city of Plattsburgh, I would like to commend those that currently serve our great town and city.

In the town, starting at the top, Bernie Bassett has more than proven himself. Thank you, it’s great to see the new businesses and developments. The town departments, town justice, clerk Jackie Bellew and the highway crew deserve recognition. Thank you all. Our great town is looking good.

In the City of Plattsburgh, we have great choices and those with great new ideas. In our district, may I mention Jim Calnon and Paul O’Connell, two candidates I have known personally for many years. They are great leaders with great visions.

At this time, I would also like to thank city Building Inspector Joe McMahon, Public Works Department employees Rob Anderson, Jeremy Howard and the many others who work so diligently; the City Police, firefighters and City Chamberlain employees who make Plattsburgh a beautiful city to live and work in.

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