October 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 8, 2013


---- — Thoughtful, effective

TO THE EDITOR: I have known Paul O’Connell for more than 30 years.

I believe he is the kind of person who will be a thoughtful and effective city councilor. I have observed his work as a coach and sports official. He always has exhibited integrity and balance.

“The Crusher” will always have the best interest of all of the citizens of Plattsburgh at heart.

Please consider voting for him on Election Day.




Cell phone missing

TO THE EDITOR: On Friday, Oct. 4, my granddaughters’ mother was shopping in Target.

She took her daughter into the bathroom to change her diaper and then left. A few minutes later, she realized that she left her cell phone behind, so she returned to the restroom to get it, only to find that it was gone.

She went to the service desk to see if anyone turned it in, but no luck.

My granddaughter was born on Sept. 19. From the moment she was born, her mother took numerous photos of her first child with her phone so she could send them to relatives and friends.

Fortunately, I also took numerous photos (with both my cell phone and camera) from the moment of her birth to the present, so if you think you took something of value away from someone,

think again.

The phone was reported as stolen, so this phone is of no use to you or anyone else. How you can sleep at night and feel no remorse for what you have done? It is incomprehensible.


Mooers Forks


Trustworthy, loyal

TO THE EDITOR: I have known Paul “Crusher” O’Connell for more than 40 years.

He is a man of his word, trustworthy, loyal, a concerned citizen and the right man for the job as councilor for Ward 4 in this upcoming election.

He’ll listen to our concerns, be our voice and will be an excellent representative for us down at City Hall for the next two years.

I urge you to support Paul O’Connell as councilor for Ward 4.




Election activism

TO THE EDITOR: Democracy is thriving in the City of Plattsburgh and in all of Clinton County.

Suddenly we are experiencing a surge of local activism, which is truly exhilarating.

No more beating the bushes begging “anyone, please, run,” trying to provide a choice for voters. This time, every space on the ballot will be filled. Primaries have been run and won. Some citizens have gone so far as to create their own party lines. Wow!

There are at least two choices for each office. With just weeks left before voting, every one of us must make some important choices. It is wonderful that so many citizens are willing to serve, but which ones are able to do a good job for us once elected? Listening and reading is important now. Thinking about our values and our hopes for the future of community here in the North Country, and talking with family and trusted friends will help us decide.

There is, however, quite a bit more to do. Every candidate needs help getting elected. When you recognize that one or several of those running matches your values and hopes and are thoughtful, creative, cooperative and strong enough to get things done once in office, offer your help. There is always, phone work, mailings, leafleting, letter writing, fundraising, getting out the vote and dozens of other small and large jobs that need to be done before votes are cast.

Make sure the people you support are elected, by doing whatever you can to help their efforts. And, of course, vote for them Nov. 5.




Dissolution concerns

TO THE EDITOR: From noon to 9 p.m. Oct. 22, you are requested to vote on the Dissolution Plan for the Village of Keeseville.

The voting is in the Village Offices at 58 Liberty St.

I understand that this is a confusing issue, as many will think the final vote was cast in January. That is not true.

According the New York state law, interested citizens may circulate a petition to vote on the Dissolution Plan. The petition did receive the required number of signatures and thus the vote, called a public referendum.

If the majority of voters vote no on the Dissolution Plan, then the village will not dissolve.

If the majority of voters vote yes on the Dissolution Plan, then the village will dissolve.

I was on the Dissolution Committee, and these are my concerns:

1. The tax savings that were calculated were based on $100,000 homes. The average home in the village is around $70,000 to $75000.

2. The additional tax savings that were calculated were based on salaries earned by employees of the Village of Keeseville and not an average of all three municipalities.

3. Except for staffing the water and sewer departments, both the Town of AuSable supervisor and the Town of Chesterfield supervisor say they will not need to hire more staff. Each will have an additional 800 people that will need services without additional staffing.

4. The Town of AuSable will be responsible for the administration and performance of the Sewer Plant, and the Town of Chesterfield will be responsible of the administration and performance of the Water Plant. It should be of great concern that these two plants, only miles apart, will be administered separately.


Keeseville village trustee


Tireless advocate

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to recommend Donald McBrayer for Peru Town Council.

Don is a true gentleman, generous with his time and considerate with everyone he meets. He will be an outstanding, dedicated and tireless advocate for all the residents of Peru.

I have had the honor of knowing Don for more than 12 years. Don and his wife, the former Kara Froelich, a Peru native, raised their children here.

Don has demonstrated a genuine passion for the Peru community through his numerous years of volunteerism. As a grandfather, Don wants to maintain the quality of life for the future generations.

An accomplished business owner, Don is a self-motivated, principled and highly responsible man. He is well versed in financial realities and understands the delicate balance that providing services to an ever-growing community can create.

Leadership is not merely a title or position. Leadership is achieved through hard work, selflessness, teamwork and perseverance. Don exemplifies those qualities and more. He leads by example.

Don is an increasingly rare find, a man whose word is his bond. Open minded and a great communicator, Don will be willing to listen to all the information and make the tough decisions.

Don is mindful of Peru’s proud history and commitment to excellence.

It is without reservation and with much hope that I recommend Donald “Don” McBrayer for Peru Town Council.