September 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 19, 2013


— Plattsburgh



TO THE EDITOR: I’m seeking to be elected as your Clinton County legislator in the City of Plattsburgh District 10 (wards 4, 5 and 6-2).

My experience in government administration has given me the privilege to be involved in projects such as the redevelopment of the base property, the expansion of CVPH and the waterfront projects.

I’ve overseen a billion dollars of local development. My experience in tourism and promotion has included membership on the Strategic Tourism Committee, fishing tournaments (with global televised events), special events and more.

Some of my social involvement has included the Wounded Warrior Project, the USO, Take a Soldier Fishing, American Heart Association and Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I strongly support the Arts Council and Strand renovation project.

My wife, Sandy, and I have been married for 36 years. We are the proud parents of Aimee Arts and Jason Perry, the father-in-law of Benjamin Arts and Jessica Perry, grandparents to Ava, Elias, Carter and Caiden.

I want my community to be affordable for my family. I want them to be proud of the history of the Plattsburgh region and to have the abundant natural resources be preserved and available for their future to enjoy.

All residents deserve to have these privileges, and I will continue to work toward that goal.

I will work with all candidates to achieve a more affordable, more desirable region for the present and the future.

My pledge is to work toward achieving these goals, be positive and respectful and to be open to constructive ideas and conversation.







TO THE EDITOR: Stay out of Syria. Get out of Afghanistan. Who appointed us the world police?

Why do we have to throw our weight around the world? Does a muscular man hit every other person he sees on the street, just because he can?

Some people seem to think war is like a football game; get a bowl of popcorn and pick a winner. War is dead babies, grieving mothers and men who don’t come home. War should be a last resort, not an impulsive response.

How would we like to wake up and have Chinese soldiers on every corner and patrolling the streets? How would we have liked it if Spain or France meddled in our Civil War?

There are atrocities all over the world; go to Africa, Asia or South America. We cannot fix everything that is wrong with the world. We don’t even do such a good job with that here at home.

War is a good thing for the rich and bad for everyone else.

Do not we have enough intelligence and creativity that we can use our resources better? There are children who go to bed hungry every night in America, people who can’t get medical care, and we send million-dollar jets all over the world? For what? It’s always the same thing; there is money to be made in war.

War is hell. We are not the NY Yankees to be cheered on because we can beat up the weaker team. Have we forgotten the lessons of Vietnam so soon? Or, do we choose to ignore it?

Stay out of Syria. Get out of Afghanistan.