April 10, 2013

Speakout: April 10, 2013


I have a special event that I am planning. Looking online at many Plattsburgh venues is hopeless because they are out of date, nonexistent or so basic they really don’t give any information.  You need to be current or lose business.


Schools are much like big business. If you want to save money you need to cut from the top down not the other way around. There is absolutely no reason why principals can’t be consolidated.


For every DWI conviction, the person should be banned from bars, with a symbol next to their license number. They should be banned for 10 years with denial of any alcohol purchase unless prescribed by a doctor.


Why does there always have to be price growth? When is enough enough? $20,000 for a car? $100,000 plus for a house? Food, clothing, taxes, etc.


Upstate New York does not mean the same thing as Northern New York. It means anything north of Rockland and Westchester. People from Buffalo to Binghamton rightfully consider themselves in Upstate New York.


And what exactly what a “true” sex offense be? Ask any sex offender, and I’m sure they have a story for why they didn’t do anything wrong and it was just a “misunderstanding.”


To all the bosses who feel the need to bully their staff: It will only come back to bite you in the end. Just let the people do their jobs.


Dear “professionals,” common courtesy dictates acknowledgement of your clients’ communication with you. Mr. Accountant, please call/email back even if you do not know the answer. Doctor so and so, you too.


If we cut administrators, who will conduct the over 10 hours worth of observations per teacher and staff members in the building, conduct supervision, develop curriculum, draft a building budget, deal with discipline, IST+CSE meetings, communicate with parents etc.


Thinking you are doing a good thing feeding feral cats is not a good thing if the cats are not fixed. The cats reproduce quickly & before you know it you can’t afford to feed them.

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