March 31, 2014

Speakout: March 31, 2014


Nursing assistants the most difficult job in the land? I don’t think the “prize” of tax reduction is going to the worthiest citizens. It’s going to men and women who have left their families, went to other countries and risked their lives for yours. Try being grateful.


I live just around the corner from where the heroin bust was. Props for getting rid of hard drugs. Was it necessary to have a helicopter, though? Waste of taxpayer money at how much per hour? Looks like using it to justify it. We want our tax money back.


I seriously hope the county plans on doing something about the Plank Road. It is almost to a point it isn’t driveable anymore. All my tax dollars being spent where?


Getting less than 8 hours of sleep has been proven to be negative on the human body, especially the brain. How people sleep on three hours a night is beyond me. If work prevents you from getting eight hours, then perhaps you should speak up.


There is no issue of greater importance than that of seniors, renters and veterans understanding they must take control of their taxes and vote in this year’s school board election.  This is a union board, and fresh participation is critical.


They want to smoke marijuana and say it’s not bad for them, but we are told soda in big gulp is bad for us and fast foods. I don’t think comparing coffee to marijuana is even sensible. Can you think clear at all or are you high?


There is a thrift store at 37 Clinton St., Plattsburgh called Rescued Treasures, and all sales benefit Elmore SPCA. Check us out on Facebook.

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