March 25, 2014

Speakout: March 25, 2014


Fact of the day: Coffee is more addicting than marijuana. Kids can buy coffee legally in stores.


The editorial about our overuse of plastic bags really hit the nail on the head. Our Press-Republican often arrives in a plastic bag. Can this be changed? I understand the need during rain or snow, but otherwise it seems like unnecessary waste.


Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch news at all, according to a poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University. This comes as little surprise to folks who are objective and can think for themselves. Even the satirical Daily Show beat them out.


I’m sick of seeing cigarette butts on the ground everywhere around town. As a non-smoker, I can respect someone’s decision to smoke cigarettes. However, I’m disgusted when I’m subjected to the negative side effects of your choice. Don’t make me breath your smoke and pick up your butts.


Waiting for the first sign of spring. People walking the streets arguing with themselves.


We have a seriously tight budget in this city. When it was pointed out that police budget had gone up 50 percent in four years, nobody said “Let’s reduce that.”  Why? Do they need new cruisers and a massive payroll for a city this size compared to others? Cut the fat.


At least eight cars parked in the road on North Catherine on Sunday, March 9. People on their way to church. Cars weaving in and out of lanes that want to turn left. No shoulders and signs stating “no parking” on either side. Park in your driveway, not literally in the street.


If you make plans to meet a person for dinner and you don’t have the decency to let them know you aren’t going to make it, at least call them or text. How rude to make a person go and you not show up. Says a lot about you.

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