March 17, 2014

Speakout: March 17, 2014


In 1491, we all believed the Earth was flat. In 1957, scientists thought the existence of black holes was humorous. Today, the idea of intelligent extra-terrestrial beings is mythical. Time, our greatest asset to life, will lead us to the questions we seek. 2035 is just around the corner.


The IP pipeline will put the race for green energy in reverse. Solar farms look more appealing than massive pipe bombs hauling flammable gas thousands of miles through people’s backyards.. But I guess money is the important asset here.


Google Veterans Jobs Act bill of 2012. Never heard of it? That’s because the Republicans in the House vetoed it before it had a chance to provide thousands of jobs for our returning vets. Just food for thought.


School boards are right to let the residents speak up about the proposed veteran tax break. Cuomo has the appearance of giving something back to veterans, but the people who make up the difference are in a lose/lose situation. Pay more or look unpatriotic — what a choice.


What happened to the push for renewable energy? Is it less expensive to install hazardous pipelines and nuclear reactors than it is to put up a wind farm or a solar farm? The North Country won’t be the breeding grounds for dirty, non-renewable energy corporations.


The year is 2014. We need to be pushing the practice of using renewable energy. This political battle over fossil fuels needs to cease. Personally, I don’t see how installing a pipeline under Lake Champlain and in the backyards of citizens is going to help us reach a green future.


Giving property tax breaks to just veterans would have been a bad decision. Are they the only worthy citizens? How about certified nursing assistants who work in nursing homes? This is the most difficult job in all the land, and day to day they are our truest heroes.

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