March 17, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: March 17, 2014

CHEERS to all the people who pitch in to try to save animals that have been neglected by owners.

This includes people who report abuse, veterinarians, police, volunteers and adopters, all of whom have the fundamental humane sense of decency toward helpless creatures that is missing from the animals’ home settings.

The most recent example was a barnful of cows on a farm in Champlain, whose owner was charged with 34 counts of animal cruelty. Six cows were found dead, and others were deemed suffering badly from neglect.

Among those responding were the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, Dr. Sarah McCarter of Palmer Veterinary Clinic and Maple Shade Farm owners Dand and David in Chazy, who took in the surviving cows. Imagine having to look after dozens of cows suddenly added to your own herd — particularly if they are unhealthy and maybe even struggling to stay alive.

As Sheriff David Favro pointed out, finding care for 30-plus cows is not like putting a handful of abused cats or dogs up for adoption.

But North Country farmers, vets and animal lovers always seem to rise to the occasion, no matter the imposition, as they also did in the alleged horse-neglect case still pending in Essex County, the Northern Puppies fiasco and countless animal-hoarding situations over the years.

People in our area have big hearts for animals.

CHEERS to clubs and organizations who submit calendar items to the Press-Republican with complete information.

It might sound self-serving, but it is local organizations and members of the public who lose something when we are unable to run information on a benefit or event because of missing details.

Susan Tobias wrote a Pinch of Time column earlier this year regarding her work with the Community Calendar, which appears on Fridays. We also have an 8 Days arts calendar on Thursdays.

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