March 26, 2012

Cheers and Jeers: March 26, 2012

CHEERS to Sara Kelly Johns, librarian at Lake Placid Middle/High School, who received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Library Association — only the second award of this nature by the group. Kelly Johns has spent more than 30 years as a librarian, serving the last 12 at Lake Placid Middle-High School. In presenting the award, Marcia Eggleston called Kelly Johns "an effective, enthusiastic, experienced and energetic leader within the library profession for over 30 years at the local, state and national level." For years, Kelly Johns has chaired the New York Library Association/Section of School Librarians Educational Leadership group, and she also coordinates a summer retreat at Cornell University that draws more than 100 participants. She has served in leadership positions for a number of state and regional library groups and has also taught at Plattsburgh State and Mansfield University. Lake Placid Central School District is understandably proud of their hard-working and accomplished staff member, noting in a news release that she has "influenced the lives of thousands of children and allowed them to benefit from her support of literacy, library sciences and technology." School librarians introduce our children to a world of knowledge every time they get someone interested in reading. Their work can make an impression that lasts a lifetime. And Kelly Johns, having invested years of effort into the betterment of libraries, has certainly impressed us.

JEERS to messy restrooms in stores, restaurants and other public places. It all starts with people who don't practice proper toilet behaviors, such as flushing and lifting the seat (men). It's distasteful to have to bring this up, but unfortunately, it happens more than it should, and we have actually received requests from readers asking if there is a delicate way to bring this to people's attention. The problem can't be blamed on faulty toilets every time. Maybe children are the culprits, so parents might need to remind their offspring to develop good habits in the bathroom, including, of course, washing hands. And public places need to check their restrooms frequently so they stay clean — customers do judge an establishment by its bathroom. A restaurant, particularly, needs to be sensitive to the condition of its restrooms. When paper towels are overflowing their containers, soap dispensers are empty and sinks are not sparkling, customers are likely to transfer their impressions of those accommodations to the imagined conditions in the kitchen. As for stores, customers appreciate the willingness of businesses to provide restrooms for their use — but don't take a chance on forfeiting the good effects of that gesture by offering up facilities that are less than ideal.

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