May 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2013


---- — Parenting, guns

TO THE EDITOR: Mr. Brohinsky’s letter is proof again that progressive liberal New Deal socialist Democrats want more laws, more control and hide behind children to obtain it.

You made several mistakes. First, Wikipedia — about as reliable source a as anything broadcasting on NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or CNN who actually has a show called “reliable sources.”

Second, you didn’t use Wikipedia for the definiton of trespassing. The reasons you gave about the landowner being responsible for the child brought me to tears but made me think of ambulance-chasing trial lawyers looking to make 65 percent of your winnings because you couldn’t keep your dog on a leash, off my property and away from my guns. We got to do it for the children.

Sometimes the children are the problem. Bad parenting. Progressive solution? Throw a untested pill at them, then blame their crack habit on society because spanking is abuse.

Democratic solutions aren’t helping. They’re making things worse. It’s not up to me to clean my yard or lock up my guns. It’s up to you to find out where your kids are. It’s called parenting.

Democrats and their Hillary-worshipping followers need to understand it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes a parent to know where it is and the village to mind its own business.

Maybe if they taught English language as a requirement for graduation, they could read the sign: No trespassing.

The problem with Progressives is they tell us we need tougher laws to stop gun violence but then don’t enforce them. Legal gun buyers don’t buy their guns out of trunks of cars in dark alleys.

Enforce the ones we have, and toughen the punishment.


West Chazy


Keeseville dissolution

TO THE EDITOR: I read with vested interest the Press-Republican article, “Keeseville tweaking dissolution plan on April 22.

The mayor is asking the towns for “clarity.” He states the towns should pass resolutions so everything is clear. Really? Well, how is the town to resolve anything when the issues of dissolution has not been finalized.

What the mayor might want is to continue with the village as it is and rally support to stop dissolution. Just ask villagers who have signed the petition that is circulating among “concerned” village residents.

Also, consultant Weidemann told Mayor Holderman the village would need updated equipment and property appraisals. Any properly run business would already have accurate valuations, especially for insurance purposes. So there is no need to hire another out-of-town firm to do something that the mayor, Village Board and employees should be required to do as part of the job.

When the towns take over, you will see a properly run township business with supervisors who are excellent business managers with many years of experience.

Eliminating a layer of government will result in savings for all taxpayers in the village.




Boat restrictions

TO THE EDITOR: City development officials have made Plattsburgh a better place for everybody with the constructions at Wilcox Dock, the Saranac Riverwalk and the City Dock Park and Launch.

However, their move to limit the City Dock Marina to boats over 30 feet is more than just a snub to smaller boat owners on Lake Champlain. The majority of long-time boaters here have never owned a boat 30 feet or over, but we are the locals.

We are the year-round supporters of the community, with our commerce, our volunteer work and our community spirit in good times and bad.

Despite all that, the city chooses to allow a study by the Army Corps of Engineers to be the arbiter of policy for the Plattsburgh waterfront.

The thinking is that because transient owners of bigger boats spend bigger bucks on gasoline, supplies, food and beverages in their one- or two-day stopover in our area, the city docks should be reserved for their use only.

A caring community is evidenced by its egalitarian structure. It is an inclusive model. Do we want our city dock marina to reflect the best of what we value as a people or are we really willing to allow a quick-stop elitist boat park built on the dream of snagging a few extra dollars to speak for us?

Join me in making your feelings known to city development officials while there is still time.