May 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 25, 2013


---- — Prom support

TO THE EDITOR: The Peru Central School Class of 2014 would like to send a sincere thank you to all the businesses that helped to make our prom and after-prom party such a huge success.

They are: Peru Credit Union, Pasquales, Koffee Kat, Glenwood Plaza Grocery, Southside Grocery, Butcher Block, Price Chopper, Hannaford, G and G Tire, FYE, Durocher’s, Bill McBride’s, Dry Dock, Northern Cakes Discount and Redemption Center, Keeseville Pepsi, Ukies, Penair, Centennial Abstract LLC, Plattsburgh Motor Service, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Liberty’s, Twin State, Peru Lions Club, Staples, G and S Steel, Northeast Group, Della Auto Group, Bart’s, and U First Federal Credit Union.



Junior Class Advisers


Women’s equality

TO THE EDITOR: 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East has joined a coalition of 10 organizations from across the North Country.

We are working together as the New York Women’s Equality Coalition, North Country Region in vigorous support of Gov. Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda.

Coalition members stand united with one another and with eight other regional groups, urging broad support of this historic agenda.

During his January State of the State address, the governor presented the Women’s Equality Agenda, a 10-point plan to break down barriers women face in the most essential areas of life.

The Women’s Equality Agenda will reduce discrimination in the workplace and in housing, improve women’s safety and well-being and ensure equal treatment under the law.

In the North Country, we value fairness. Two people doing the same job should be paid and treated equally. By passing this law, it would ensure that women receive the wages they were always entitled to. It would help struggling families in the North Country provide for their families and would provide fairness for everyone in the workplace.

All the members of our union are health-care workers, and the majority of them are women. Ensuring that all workers, irrespective of gender, are paid the same is not only fair but it ensures that our families will have the resources they need to make ends meet.

This agenda, and the extraordinary range of businesses and groups supporting it in the North Country and throughout the state, underscores that full equality for women cannot be achieved by taking partial steps.

The governor has proposed an ambitious agenda that recognizes that women’s struggles, and the solutions, are interconnected.

On June 4, we will rally at the State Capital in Albany to voice support for this important agenda.


Vice president & North Country director



Walton benefit

TO THE EDITOR: A very huge thanks to anyone who participated in the auction held for the benefit of Sarah Walton Tromblee on Friday, May 17.

The response by our local communities was unbelievable. The love and support in the American Legion that night was indescribable.

When we attempted to sit down and write thank you letters, we realized that it was literally impossible. So many people were involved that we would surely miss some.

Please accept our sincere gratitude. The event was a huge success because of you.






Candidates chosen

TO THE EDITOR: On May 14, I attended the most exhilarating display of democracy that I’ve seen in Plattsburgh.

More than 40 enthusiastic Democrats ages 20-something to 70-plus assembled to choose seven candidates to run for mayor and councilors in the City of Plattsburgh. This reinvigorated group was pulled together by Joe Gittens and Kimberly Davies and includes people from all backgrounds. 

Twelve members wanted to run for the seven openings, so each was given time to speak. The group was drawn from former correction employees, truckers, coaches, lawyers, the arts community, educators, counselors and independent businessmen.

Each was positive and thoughtful. They spoke of this community with pride and of the families they are a part of and for whom they would work toward a positive, sustainable future. All were aware of the economic problems faced by both their families and this city.

Such a bounty of riches we were presented with that night. It was not easy to decide among those who came forward to ask for our votes.

When the vote was tallied, Joe Gittens led the way, with the others who this time had not received endorsements, and congratulated those who did and pledged enthusiastic support. Nobody left that room a loser.

There will be a lot of work to do. Gathering petitions in June, publicity, letters of endorsement, fundraising, door-to-door canvas and leafleting and a great deal more will have to be done.

It takes so many citizens to get one elected that I hope every Plattsburgh resident reading this considers it your personal responsibility to help the candidates you want to represent us in City Hall. Plattsburgh needs us all to help build a sustainable future.

The candidates and tone of this meeting are good news for all of us.




Oriented to politics

TO THE EDITOR: Time to get oriented toward politics; it’s in front of us and coming soon to a neighborhood like yours and mine, but I’m sure you are on top of what’s truly going on.

You have been to the schools to see how things are going right now and the improvements they have made, right? Oh, you haven’t? Well, you have met the hard-working candidates who are trying to qualify for local offices, like town supervisors, legislators, judges, tax offices? Oh, no.

By the way, have you noticed your taxes are up again? But Governor Cuomo says he has made the biggest cuts in many years by reducing taxes. Apparently, he has not been to Clinton County.

But there really is an easier way to get the jump on those who have infringed on what little extra monies your household has tried to save. Get a hold of any Democrat or liberal, and ask them about any question with your schools, your taxes, your rights, your Second Amendment. Listen to them and you will see why everything is upside down.

Now get a hold of any Republican who is and does pay attention for you and see why they need you and your ideas to make life much more easier in our older ages.

Just think: You’re a Democrat and you have more say in the Republican Party in regards to everybody who needs help, but then again the Republicans have been doing this for years. Where have you been? We really do want to see and hear you. Thank you and Semper Fi.




Harassing seniors

TO THE EDITOR: Was the Gaming Commission trying to exert their authority or justify their ample salary and perks by forcing the Robert S. Long Bingo Club to obtain a costly permit and file the “red tape” necessary and keep records or close down?

They consider it a game of chance because of the “pennies.” However, it would be OK if prizes were given that were valued at less than $10? It is still a game of chance, and the “junk” bought for prizes would undoubtedly be made in China and add to our landfill problem.

The bingo is a form of entertainment once a week for the seniors. There is no admission charge, no advertising, and you pay 1 cent a card for each game played. The pennies become the “pot.”

The commission didn’t do their math. That would take 100 seniors playing 10 cards each to get a pot of $10. I’d have difficulty watching 10 cards for many games. Maybe it’s because I’ll be 89 this month.

Let the Gaming Commission use a little imagination to justify their salary instead of harassing the seniors.




Route 22 dangers

TO THE EDITOR: This letter is being written in reference to how bad and dangerous State Route 22 has become.

I have seen countless accidents on this road, and we have also had many of our cats, as well as innocent wild animals, get hit and killed on State Route 22.

Now I am trying to put a complaint in through this letter to the Department of Transportation and finally tell them that enough is enough, that this should not be allowed to go on any longer on this highway.

There needs to be a secondary road that traffic can take that will lead to the same destination to and from Plattsburgh. There is really bad traffic congestion on this road, and something needs to be done about this problem.

I’ve seen people speeding, racing and not having any respect for the communities that have to sit right in the neighborhoods of this over-traveled road. There is no peace at our houses living on Route 22; day in and day out, constant traffic noise and joy riders that go through even 11 p.m to 2:30 a.m.

We are fed up with these people killing our pets and wild animals, not even stopping nor caring at all. They are hurting animals and causing accidents. I want something done about this.

Instead of building hotels and stores in Plattsburgh, I think the county needs to realize what some of our highways have become and start constructing secondary roads.

We are in the country. Our cats and wild creatures should have every right to roam free happily without being mowed down by cars that think they are driving in a race.

We and our animals deserve safety and peace near our own residences. We have rights, too.


West Chazy