May 26, 2013

Editorial: Trim budgets, offer new votes


But in the other 4 percent of districts, whose budgets exceeded the tax cap, only 29.6 percent passed.

The average budget passage rate since 1969 is 84 percent, the School Board Association reports, although the passage rate for the last five years has been 94 percent.

Now, Minerva, Newcomb and Tupper Lake must decide what to do about their 2013-14 budgets. They can go right to a contingency budget, which requires zero-percent growth in the tax levy and would certainly demand biting cuts. Or they can put the same budget or a revised budget up for vote on June 18.

We suggest putting scaled-back budgets before voters. With judicious cuts, and possibly cooperation from unions, the districts could do what every other school in the area did: offer voters a reasonable increase that preserves most educational programs but doesn’t weigh so heavily on taxpayers.

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