January 14, 2014

Editorial: Updated look for Press-Republican

It’s a new look for a new era.

The Press-Republican looks a little different today, and though the changes are subtle, they reflect our commitment to taking the most modern approach to delivering your news and advertising.

For many years, this hometown newspaper for Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties has been adapting to a changing world of media content and delivery.

Your Press-Republican does not arrive only as a print newspaper that you find in your mailbox. Since 1999, we have also delivered news and advertising to you through our website:

When we first created our Internet site, it was something of a novelty, a little side venture to our print product. Over the years, of course, Internet delivery of news has become very important.

In the newsroom, we spend a good portion of our day creating stories and posting them immediately on the web. Those articles are often updated several times during the day.

We also create web-only content, including videos, to give you a full multi-media presentation. Starting soon, the number of video reports on our website will increase dramatically.

And now, you also receive the newspaper digitally — it opens instantly on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can know the latest news as it develops.

You can follow Press-Republican postings on Facebook and Twitter, too. By doing that, you can know, before most people, what is happening in your community.

Through all those updates, though, the actual print newspaper hasn’t changed much. The style of headlines, for example, has been the same for decades. And, frankly, we felt it looked old-fashioned.

We hope you find our new headline style and numerous small design changes to be more eye-catching and modern.

The size of the type in our articles has not changed at all, if that is a concern for you. Some people would like to see larger type, but our size is fairly standard with most newspapers. (We do use a slightly smaller type size for a few limited areas, such as the Police Log and Scoreboard page, because we wouldn’t be able to fit all that content at the regular size.)

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