January 13, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: Jan. 13, 2014

CHEERS to a group of locals who saved some horses from danger on Christmas Eve. One of the rescuers was Alan Goodman, who is a district manager for the Press-Republican, and his wife, Theresa, an independent motor-route driver for the P-R. He told us the story, and we just had to pass it on:

”On Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. Theresa and I were on our way to Glens Falls for Christmas with our oldest son and his little boy,” Alan relates. “As we approached the intersection of Route 22 and Miner Farm Road in Sciota, we saw four-way flashers in both directions and a plow truck with his yellow bubble lights flashing.

“There were at least a half dozen North Country folks out of their cars, attempting to herd six horses that had broken out of their paddock and were trotting up and down Route 22. We parked, got out and joined the fray (at 2 degrees above zero!).

“As the people and horses moved about, Theresa remembered we had five pounds of carrots destined for Christmas dinner. She doled out carrots to all of the would-be wranglers, and they were able to get the herd under control and around the owner’s property (they were out of town) and into a barn, where they were secured.

”This nice group of Christmas angels agreed this would not become a Christmas tradition.”

Just another example of North Country residents seeing a problem and working together to solve it. The horse owners probably had no idea about this bit of Christmas Eve magic — until now.

CHEERS to everyone who got out this weekend to chip away at the ice that has built up over the past few weeks. After two icy storms and two weeks of freezing temperatures, Mother Nature delivered mild weather on Saturday and Sunday.

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