January 11, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 11, 2014


Politics is like driving: “R” we move backward, “D” we move forward.


Today, the federal minimum wage is set a $7.25, but, when adjusted for inflation, it actually is $4.87. When all else fails, try thinking.


Florida has just passed New York’s population. Finally people are seeing how much of a communist state New York is becoming. I don’t really blame people for leaving. At least they don’t have to worry about becoming a criminal from racking in one too many bullets in their magazine.


Do not buy too much ammo at once — you might be put on a watch list and then spied on to make certain you are not a “bad guy.”


The obligation to clear the sidewalks lies with the City of Plattsburgh. The sidewalks belong to the city. Not sure, try paving over it or digging it up. A lot of elderly and ill can’t shovel their walks. When’s the last time you saw a kid out with a shovel?


I have had enough of mostly people racing down Prospect Avenue because they are late or want a better parking spot at CVPH. I watch every day as these knuckleheads do not make a complete stop at the red light on Tom Miller Road and Prospect. Police presence, please.


The ship in Antarctica that was stuck in ice for weeks was not carrying just “passengers.” That ship was full of scientists doing studies on climate change in the South Pole. Not once does media mention the word climate change or scientist. Why?


I thought we left Iraq for good. Now we are just going to send supplies there to fight off the al-Qaida? How is this different from troops on the ground? The main reason why we want to go back in is profit, just like trying to enter Syria.

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