January 4, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 4, 2014


---- — Late buses

TO THE EDITOR: In the embarrassment that is public transportation in Plattsburgh, CCPT continues to operate a system that lacks the effectiveness of even the Pony Express.

Bus lines are routinely 10-20 minutes late, and missed connections often result in long delays, like the four hours I had to wait after missing the 11:25 a.m. bus to catch the next bus going to Champlain at 3:40 p.m.

I’m constantly told by company officials that the arrival times are only estimates and weather plays a role in late-arriving buses.

Here’s an idea: Adjust the schedules so people can actually plan to attend doctor appointments, work and legal requirements on time.

I take a rural route almost daily, and this summer I took my own survey. Of the 13 times I took the bus into Plattsburgh, the bus was late nine times.

There’s no snow between July and August to use as an excuse. Now there are wide-sweeping schedule changes. Some lines are being totally eliminated. The company website does not reflect any of the changes, but they do, however, proudly display awards for building a simple bus garage five years ago.

I called the company to ask where I may find out about these changes and was told that the driver had “a couple of the new schedules” on the bus. 

Along with having buses not start when its 30 degrees outside, being routinely late in the summer, this company again shows that they can’t manage even the simple operation of a 13-route bus line. The drivers are only doing their jobs, and as usual it’s mismanagement at the top.

The company operates on taxpayer dollars, so maybe the newly elected county and city leaders can take control of this mess.




Decorated trucks

TO THE EDITOR: On Monday evening, Dec. 23, about 7:21, I heard one of our Peru fire trucks blow its siren softly and low as it went up my road (Brand Hollow).

I hope others besides myself looked out and saw one of our trucks all decorated with Christmas lights and most likely passing on all the Peru streets and roads for their residents to enjoy. 

What a special holiday wish to us. Thanks, guys and gals. Awesome!