January 3, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 3, 2014


My doctor. I respect you, but things are changing. I feel like I’m not as important to you. You seem mad at me, or is it you’re too busy? I want you to listen to me and get to know who I am. I feel like I’m a number.


I think it’s fair that Gov. Cuomo buys all New York gun owners magazine belts so we can buy more magazines to make up for the seven rounds per clip. Only fair, right? Or will this increase the risk of someone shooting someone else? Only you have the right answer, Governor.


Safe Act is the most unpopular law signed by Cuomo throughout his history of being a politician. I am still baffled we didn’t get to vote. That doesn’t scare anyone else? It makes you question, what will be next?


It is a welcoming site to have the parking spaces back on City Hall Place. Good for the businesses that suffer because no parking, making people use a lot when there are spots available that are taken by greedy businesses in the summer.


Shouldn’t the city buy a snowplow before you take on an endeavor that should only be during boom times? The City has nobusiness running a marina.


To the person who was concerned about the kids seeing the drug bust: Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe they can learn something from it.


I don’t think the things that people post are humorous all the time. Some people have really serious issues, and they need to express them. They find Speakout to be helpful. It’s not always a joke, I’m sure. Life isn’t all roses. Sometimes people need help with a problem.

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