June 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 11, 2013

Liberals, business

TO THE EDITOR: After five decades of harassment and high taxes, corporate America has practically ceased operations in New York state.

Now the liberal governor of New York has discovered that we can’t all work for the ever-expanding corrections, social services and education industries. Someone has to pay the taxes, and this requires a large tax base.

Trying to make nice to formerly outcast corporations to lure them back by TV ads reminds me of the liberals’ newfound love for the troops. No spitting or name calling now.

These wolves in sheep clothing shouldn’t fool anyone. Leopards don’t change their spots.

We conservatives are not on the same wave-length with the philosophical cousins of Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dorn, Kathy Boudin, Angela Davis, Martin Sostre and anti-aircraft gunner Jane Fonda.

Corporate CEOs should tell New York liberals to go hug a tree.




Mooers Library

TO THE EDITOR: I congratulate the Town of Mooers for being a forward-looking community by building a new Library/Community Center.

Small towns, like Mooers, definitely need a Library/Community Center.

Libraries must change with the times and must offer more than just books, although books will always be important. Computers, e-books and community-sponsored classes must also be available.

Many people are working to make this possible. First was the Mooers Library Board, who realized they could not comply with the Americans with Disability Act in their present location.

Next, the Town Council and many of the residents of Mooers supported the idea of a new building, and a search for the proper location followed.

Dr. Wayne Evans and Susan Evans, president of the Mooers Library Board, generously donated a portion of land directly across the street from Mooers Elementary School. This is a perfect location because the children will have easy access to the Library/Community Center. This is especially important because the school no longer has a librarian.

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