June 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 10, 2013


---- — Traffic patrols

TO THE EDITOR: The letter from a New Hampshire woman who insisted she was targeted by State Police for speeding because she was from out of state reminded me to write a long-overdue letter.

My company, Luck Brothers Inc. of Plattsburgh, is a contractor specializing in bridge replacement. We currently are working on a highly visible project on I-87 just north of Exit 38 in Plattsburgh.

On a recent ride through the project, I noticed several vehicles pulled over. I thought to myself that I keep forgetting to publicly thank State Police for doing their job so well on interstate construction projects.

In our history with the Ray Brook Traffic Unit, we have found the officers to be consummate professionals and nice people. Most folks realize that construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, but few understand that the vast majority of injuries and deaths are traffic related. Plainly put, State Police are helping to save the lives of our workers every day they are out there slowing the public down on restricted traffic projects.

The average driver just doesn’t understand the impact of 70-mph speed and the lack of reaction time in a construction zone. That is why people die. Police are simply there to remind them.

What is an inconvenience for some is an absolute necessity for those in our industry. Understandably, the state has a limited budget for the hours spent by troopers on construction projects, and my employees wish they had a lot more.

State Police provide other construction services, often on only a few days notice. My industry is always grateful for the help and cooperation provided by New York State Police.

The guys at Luck Brothers just want to offer a personal “high five” and a big thank you.




Good Samaritan

TO THE EDITOR: I’m realizing more than ever that I live in a fabulous area — the beautiful natural resources of Lake Champlain, our wondrous Adirondack Mountains, just to name two.

We have a unique mix of population as well. I read and enjoy my local paper, and there are at times some favorable comments. I would like to add mine.

My car was hit by someone in the public parking lot off Court Street while I was at work. When I came out of work and saw my car, I was furious.

I went to the Plattsburgh Police Department to file a report. I was informed that a good Samaritan had witnessed someone hit my car. This person took the time to go back inside and asked them to call the police. She chose to do the right thing, and I am so grateful.

Maybe she will be returning at some time to this office, and there is a grateful thank you for her.




IRS folks

TO THE EDITOR: All is OK with Obamacare.

The IRS folks will run it fair.

‘Less you confess,

You’re with Mitt or the press,

Then you’ll have to cover your derriere.