February 10, 2014

Speakout: Feb. 10, 2014


If the truth wasn’t a crime in this country, then Snowden wouldn’t have to be hiding overseas. It pays to tell the truth especially if it is illegal. Welcome to the new Amerika.


I guess our governor is steaming ahead with his utopia. If you like guns or have personal opinions different than his, leave the state. Just lump all of his personal dislikes into one big “bad guy image” who is not welcome in New York.


Why is it that everyone loves to talk about other people’s weight? Most that do have no clue what it is to battle a weight problem. There are many that really try, even with professional help, and still have trouble. Worry about what’s on your own plate.


A dog is roaming on Stratton Hill Road. It’s come into my yard numerous times, and I’m scared that it will attack me and my family. If something isn’t done, I will take action.


As a server, I make $3 an hour. My checks are zero after taxes, so any money I make comes from tips. However, even if I make 20 percent all night, I’ll walk away with 15 percent after tipping bar and hostess. For those of you who tip $2 on a $62 bill, I now pay out of pocket for you to eat here.


Tipping, a courtesy; obviously you have never worked in the “servers world.” Get educated. Servers make less than minimum wage because they are taxed on the possible courtesy of your tip, that may or may not make up the amount paid per hour to minimum. They live on those tips.


If you think tipping is a “courtesy,” then you are ignorant. This isn’t 1980 anymore. It’s a new time. People who want to go out and eat, tipping is a must. Servers are happy to attend to your needs but are not servants. We are human just like you.

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