February 9, 2014

Speakout: Feb. 9, 2014


New York’s Democratic governor believes people who are pro-life, believe in traditional marriage or the Second Amendment are extremists. Gov. Cuomo says conservatives have no place in New York. The road to tolerance and diversity is a one-way street heading east across the state line.


Plattsburgh hires temporary workers in the summer to mow lawns. Why can’t they hire temporary workers to keep their sidewalks clear in the winter? By the way, the city already has the machine that can both clear the sidewalks and sand/salt them as needed.


The city might have 70 miles of roads, but it does not have as many miles of sidewalks. Most major subdivisions don’t even have sidewalks. The problem with the city is its antiquated method of delivering services. It’s time to hire an independent consulting firm and implement the recommendations accordingly.


Those who leave their cats and dogs out in this weather should be subjected to the same treatment. To hear a dog whimpering ‘til his owner comes home at 10 p.m. to be let in is just cruel. Same with a cat who has frostbitten ears.


Texting behind the wheel? I had a very close call, due to a driver “aiming” his vehicle more or less in a straight line while he was distracted in some manner. I don’t know how he missed me. When I checked the mirror, he was 2 feet over the line.


Bravo to the mayor for changing the seating for the common council. Now, how about an online address where we the people can send comments/suggestions to the panel to better serve the community? We can’t always attend meetings.

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