February 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 6, 2014

Parent leadership

TO THE EDITOR: February is National Parent Leadership Month.

Parents Anonymous Inc. has created National Parent Leadership Month to recognize the extraordinary courage and tenacity of parents who have reached out to make improvements in their families and communities.

With the creation of National Parent Leadership Month, the Child Care Coordinating Council honors parents for their vital roles in strengthening their families and communities. Their active involvement helps generate awareness on critical issues affecting children, including child abuse and neglect and education.

For more information on Parents Anonymous support groups in Franklin and Clinton County, please call 561-4999 and ask for Peggy.


Parents Anonymous coordinator



Veterinarian bill

TO THE EDITOR: I helped my dad bring his dog, Jorge, to a local veterinarian service on New Year’s Day to have his dog put down.

My mom called different veterinarians to see how much it would cost. We were surprised how expensive it would be on a holiday. She got quotes from two of them. One told my mom (I was also at my parents’ place) that it would cost $230.

 When my dad and I arrived and signed the consent to put him to sleep, the assistant told me and my dad it would cost about $195. Then the doctor spoke with her assistant, and the price went up to $301.61. The reason it went up was that the burial wasn’t included in the first price given to my mom over the phone.

Imagine the shock when we were told it was $301.61. The price that we were given, $230, on the phone is what we should have paid. My parents aren’t rich. It’s heartbreaking enough when you put an animal down. I know it was New Year’s Day, but really.

Be careful choosing a veterinarian. My dog won’t be going there, for sure.

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