January 31, 2014

Speakout: Jan. 31, 2014


Not supporting gay marriage does not mean you hate gays. Supporting the Second Amendment does not mean you are a gun crazed militiaman. Believing that life begins at conception does not make you a right-to-life radical conservative. But believing in Christ makes you a target for our communist governor.


What is up with the new format of the Press-Republican? It used to have a distinct style and captivating character and is now generic and far less appealing.


I think physicians are a bit too obsessed with young people in need of medications for pain. Yes, I agree be careful, but when when a young adult needs pain relief and they are refused or not taken care of the way they should, that’s just not right.


Cars that idle for 5 minutes a day waste over 30 hours of fuel per year. Half-hour early arrival and pickup for school in cold months (December to February) is 60 hours. Multiply that by the millions who have the same thoughtless behavior every day.


Gov. Cuomo says conservatives have no place in New York. It seems the road to tolerance and diversity is a one-way street heading across the state line. Live free or die.


Republicans believe another saying to go down in history. “I knew nothing about what my staff did to that bridge.” If you believe that, i would like to sell you that bridge.


I am a Republican, and I was without health insurance. Finally, I am able to get it, thanks to Mr. Obama. It seems like the ones that complain about this health-care plan are Republicans with health insurance. Time to change parties.


There’s more to basketball than scoring points. Please, coaches, give some recognition to players who contribute to other aspects of the game, such as rebounds, steals, blocks, etc. Is this not supposed to be a team sport?


People look for any excuse to justify their own poor behavior but can be unforgiving or non-accepting of others when they behave poorly. Don’t cast stones.


How sad that people choose to be unforgiving of their priests when mistakes are made yet expect to find forgiveness for their own actions through confession with these same priests. 

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