December 29, 2013

Speakout: Dec. 29, 2013


We need a closed hunting season on raccoons. At the rate they are being hunted and trapped, they will become extinct, Make them buy a license to hunt and a license to trap — that will stop some.


Weather Channel is naming winter storms for the sole purpose of getting more views and guests on their Website. Unfortunately, they’ve become quite political and are turning into a CNN, which is a bad thing, if you’re narrow minded.


Plantation Christmas trees are farmed and replanted every year. You are not hurting the environment by purchasing one, only helping out our local tree farmers that do this for a living. They are also turned into mulch after their beauty is enjoyed for the Christmas season.


I don’t believe apartheid is alive in this North Country, but I do see many people of black race who harbor negative feelings toward white people for what happened decades ago. Some of them weren’t even alive, but yet history is within their families’ generation. Be blessed and stop racism.


Welcome community-event signs in the fall and police tape before winter. Other schools have removed the impact of Greek life from their schools and guess what — no gang fights in the streets in those towns.


Oh look — another shooting. I guess there is only one thing we should do: Put our heads in the sand and start hacking away at our gun rights. Seems to be working as long as the people of New York don’t get a vote.


Went to a certain store and was informed that I could not say merry Christmas — must say happy holiday. Christ is in Christmas, and your sales increase due to this time of year. If you want me to shop in your store, you better put Christ back in Christmas.

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