December 23, 2013

Speakout: Dec. 23, 2013


There should be more support groups for women who are in unhealthy relationships, women with self-esteem problems and guys who control women and brainwash them. How can a guy use and abuse a girl and just get away with it? 


If you tip your waitress/waiter and you tip the hair stylist or barber and you tip the pizza delivery guy/girl, why don’t you tip your rural mail carrier as well? Just a suggestion for the upcoming holidays. They work the hardest, especially this time of year.


Why isn’t anybody yelling at the insurance companies? Everyone’s so quick to yell at Obama for trying to cover we who are uninsured, but the insurance companies could cooperate now and offer us affordable programs without huge deductibles.


Did you know that not all rural carriers are postal employees? HCR drivers are contractors and do not get benefits of any kind. Period. They get paid once a month. No vacations. No sick time. No health insurance. Everything must come out of that check.


Whatever happened to the knowledge of labeling a package or an envelope? “From” belongs on the upper left. The “To” belongs in the middle. The zip code goes below the address. P.O. Box has the letters P.O. first. Not just Box 12345.


When did our district stop having holiday programs? I called and was told it was up to each teacher if they want to do anything. They don’t celebrate Grandparents Day either. My other grandkids are in another district. They celebrate both.


There has been a fourth lie added to the three biggest lies of all time. You know, The check is in the mail, I’ll still love you tomorrow and — well the other one. Added to that is: You can keep your own insurance if you like it.

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