December 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 19, 2013

Curriculum, politics

TO THE EDITOR: Commissioner King was questioned recently about how he justified sending his children to a private school that offered many of the program that public schools can no longer afford to offer, and the Commissioner said that he felt that it was best for his children.

They do not have to deal with the Common Core, with the hyper focus on testing and with the pressures of teacher evaluations tied to test scores. And he is right; it is likely best for his children. 

Unfortunately, he does not think that what is good for his children is also good for the rest of us. Instead, he and his Department of Education repeatedly tell us that the Common Core and testing regime is just what our children need, so they can be career and college ready.

I wonder what is so different about our children that their needs are so different from his children. If the Common Core and test after test is what will help our children to be college and career ready, why isn’t he making sure his children get the same? Doesn’t he want them to be career and college ready?

I would humbly suggest that anyone in a decision making position regarding education (commissioner, chancellor, regent, superintendent, board of education member, local and state politician, governor) should be required to have their children (and/or grandchildren) attend public schools, to be subject to whatever policies they pass.

It might cause them to think twice about the education policies they now pass for “other people’s children.”




Cadyville celebration

TO THE EDITOR: The Cadyville Community Tree Lighting held on Dec. 14 was again a great success.

This was the 14th anniversary of this event, which is held each year through the efforts of the Cadyville Wesleyan Church, St. James Catholic Church, Cadyville Fire Department Auxiliary and the Cadyville Fire Department.

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