December 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 13, 2013

Face mistakes

TO THE EDITOR: I, like so many others, yes, right around here and in the surrounding areas, who are veterans, have the questions, from their families, their friends and even moms and dads.

Well, in this movie somewhere in Bastone and out in the cold and the snow, one man like a pastor was talking to all kinds of religions and he said “I do want to answer a question I have heard before, circulating around the front lines: Is war a necessity?”

The pastor said, “Let me please try to answer this question that we all would like answered, and the answer is that we, the American combat-ready men, have tried any and all ways to convince these people not to fight, because their way is the wrong way for all humanity, and nothing good can come out of ignorance and stupidity. Think about it. They have all had thousands of years, and they have failed their citizens.”

Now look at home. I and so many others have tried dearly to tell or suggest to each of you voting since 2007 that Mr. Obama was, is and forever will always be wrong.

But your pride has stopped each of you from taking more time to think. Hey, let’s face it, we all have made mistakes, but twice, three times, four times? Let’s face it. I’m hoping these boys, your sons, do not have to pay for your misdeeds.

May God always be with them and learn why we must always go so that they can return and vote the right way, not the socialist way.

See, socialism has been around also for thousands of years, and it, too, does not work. So, Semper Fi.




Lunchroom situation

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing in response to an allegation against a teacher that was covered in the article, “Willsboro Central parents hold protest” on Nov. 15.

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