November 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 12, 2012

Spending on boat

TO THE EDITOR: Recently, our local TV stations reported that a $2.5 million research boat has been built and is in service for Vermont.It’s located in Basin Harbor, is part of a university and will create new maps of Lake Champlain.The part of the story that troubles me is that it was built with federal stimulus money, which would be borrowed money, most probably from China, which is one of our biggest lenders.Senators Sanders or Leahy were not mentioned in the story, which isn’t surprising since neither may want credit for increasing our federal deficit by $2.5 million for a boat.I wonder how many jobs were created, and was this the smartest way to spend borrowed money?




Area ATV club

TO THE EDITOR: I own an ATV. I also belong to the Outbackriders ATV Club.Our club leases the trail between Dannemora and Lyon Mountain, which is approximately 16 miles long.New riders and those who already have ATVs are more than welcome to join our club. We usually ride out of Dannemora or Standish. We ride into Franklin County, as there are not many trails in Clinton County.We have contacted Sen. Betty Little in hopes of getting the state to ease up on their restrictions on state lands, so we can ride some of those trails. The more members we have, the more land/trails we can lease.Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Conservation Building at Clinton County Fairgrounds in Morrisonville. All riders are welcome to come to a meeting to see what we are all about.Our website is Check it out.




Barbershoppers grateful

TO THE EDITOR: The Cumberland Bay Barbershoppers have recently completed their ad campaign for the 2012 annual show program.We would like to thank all of our friends, businesses and organizations for their generous support. Without our patrons’ financial support every year, we would not be able to preserve this wonderful American art form in this community.The Plattsburgh Chorus has been serving our great North Country for 53 years by singing at churches, hospitals, nursing homes, service clubs and community events. We also make donations to local charities and our own national charity, Harmony Foundation, which supports vocal music in our schools and communities.Our 53rd-annual show, Memories are Made of This, will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012, at the E. Glenn Giltz Auditorium. Since this is Veterans Day weekend, the show finale will center on those who have served it the armed forces.Guest will include local talents Minor Adjustments, a SUNY Plattsburgh a cappella group, and Downtown Crossing, our Northeastern District’s quartet champions from Massachusetts.I thank all of our supporters and invite everyone to our show to enjoy a night of barbershop and a cappella music.



Cumberland Bay Barbershoppers

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