November 6, 2012

Editorial: Your vote needed today


---- — If you ever doubted that your individual vote counted, this could be the election to prove you wrong.

Polls show today’s presidential race between incumbent Democrat Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney to be extremely close. It is important that everyone gets to the polls today to weigh in on what direction they want this country to take.

It isn’t the only tight race. In our region, the contest to choose a representative for the 21st Congressional District seat has tightened up in recent weeks, with Republican Matt Doheny drawing almost even with incumbent Democrat Bill Owens in the most recent poll. The third man in the race, Green Party nominee Donald Hassig, decided on Saturday to throw his support, somewhat tepidly, to Owens. He asked his supporters to do the same. What impact that will have on today’s voting is uncertain, as polls showed Hassig had only

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Voters in this area also have State Assembly and local races to decide. And the residents of Malone will make a big decision on whether to endorse dissolution. Doing so would start a process that could lead to the village government disappearing into the Town of Malone.

We are privileged in America to have the ability to choose our own leaders, from local races right up to the president. In a number of countries, people are denied that right. Every U.S. citizen has a duty to vote, and the government has taken steps to make sure no one is denied. Laws guarantee accessibility to people of all physical abilities, absentee ballots are available for those who can’t get to the polls, and often political parties will offer rides.

It is going to be cold but sunny around most of the North Country, which was lucky enough to escape damage from Hurricane Sandy, so bad weather is no excuse not to vote today.

Every year, citizens from around the region — from 18-year-olds to senior citizens — make it to the voting booth without letting anything impede them.

The Press-Republican does not endorse candidates. It is a policy we have adhered to for decades now. We provide as much information as possible on the candidates and leave the personal decision on who to choose up to each individual.

If you have been reading the newspaper in print or online, you know that we have carried many articles about the candidates for national, state and local office. Other local media outlets have also covered the races thoroughly. The active and hardworking people at the Plattsburgh Area League of Women Voters have hosted candidate forums and have an abundance of non-partisan information available online at

This is a crucial time for America, and it’s important that decisions today be made by citizens who are fully armed with facts. Vote wisely.