March 3, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: March 3, 2014

CHEERS to Cumberland 12 employee Lauren Trombley for delivering a different kind of movie magic to a young customer. 

On Feb. 5, Art Carter took his daughter, Violet, who is almost 4 years old, to a morning showing of the family movie “Nut Job.” Like most young children, Violet was as excited about the multiplex surroundings as she was about the film.

“While she liked the picture, she also enjoyed wandering around the lobby for quite a while before we left,” Art told the Press-Republican.

Violet likes going in arcades, and she was particularly excited when she saw that the crane-claw game in the Cumberland 12 arcade was populated with pink stuffed frogs.

“She repeatedly asked me to get her one,” Art said. “I declined, trying not to encourage her to expect a present every time we leave the house.

“Truth is, I had no change or even $1 bills on me, so that’s why I told her we couldn’t get it.”

They were watching other people play arcade games when Cumberland 12 employee Lauren Trombley, who had sold them their tickets and refreshments, came in and played the crane-claw game. As luck would have it, Lauren won a pink frog.

“My kid raced right over and stared at it from close up,” Art said.

Lauren apparently noticed how much Violet was admiring the frog because she dug out more money and played twice more until she won another frog, which she gave to the little girl.

“Wow, was she ever happy!” Art said of Violet’s reaction.

“She just loves that frog; it is still about her favorite stuffed animal. That theater added two loyal customers on that snowy Wednesday.”

Lauren Trombley’s kindness definitely made a big impression on the Carters.

JEERS to municipalities that don’t stay up to date putting meeting minutes online or, worse, don’t put them up at all.

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