February 27, 2014

Editorial: No excuse for some pollution


Now, it’s possible by responsible shopping and consumption to keep many, many materials out of the ground.

Yet, go to a landfill or collection station on a breezy day, and you’ll still see plastic bags blowing around. Why?

Because many consumers are still either too lazy, too ignorant or too irresponsible to take the simple steps necessary to spare our landfills.

How much effort does it take to unpack groceries, store the bag until next trip and return it to the store? Almost none. But it is still too much work for far too many people.

The means are now there to make important progress against pollution. There is no excuse for anyone not to comply.

We are still stuck with certain difficulties in protecting our environment, but many have been solved. We must at least act on the methods that are so accessible and easily accomplished.

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