February 17, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: Feb. 17, 2014

CHEERS to Dylan Riley and Ted Santaniello for innovative thinking in coming to the rescue of a local woman in a sticky situation.

Bruni Michaud, a dental hygenist who lives in Peru, attends a weekly yoga class at the Wellness Center at PARC. She related what happened to her during a recent visit there:

“I parked my car, got out and promptly dropped my keys down through the grate of a close-by storm drain. Horrors.

“I screamed ‘Oh, my God,’ and I know they heard it all the way up to Montreal. It seemed to all happen in slow motion. My jumble of keys were straddling the bars, and then gravity took over, and one by one, they dropped, following one another down into the abyss.

“Everything was on that key chain: house, car, two places of work, garage, barn, husband’s car spare — and down they all went. I could see them glimmering below if I squinted through the bars.”

She said it was bitter cold, and the frozen manhole cover wouldn’t budge.

“Beside myself, I walked into the Wellness Center and told reception about my plight. Dylan was standing nearby, and overhearing my distress, quickly went into the broom closet and brought out this long wooden pole with a hook thingy on the end and went outside (without his coat) and tried to fish them out.

“Meanwhile, Ted ... came out of his office, rubbing his chin like people do when they’re in deep thought.

“Dylan comes back from being outside saying the pole handle was too thick, and the three of us go back into the broom closet inspecting supplies, wondering what could be attached to the end of something that’s long enough to reach the bottom but also slim enough to fit down one of the manhole slits.

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