February 16, 2014

Speakout: Feb. 16, 2014


Marijuana, just about everybody was smoking it and they legalized it. Heroin, we have an epidemic. Will they legalize that as well? It goes to show that when we open doors (legalize) for one habit, something worse follows right behind it.


With snow falling, let’s ride on each other’s car bumpers. What is wrong with people. I would love a new car; please hit me.


That is the purpose of killing all the stray dogs in Sochi? This is absolutely inhumane. It’s disgusting, and the people who are killing these dogs should be ashamed. How do you fall asleep at night?


Dems in Washington having fits. Fox News dares to keep the truth in the forefront: Benghazi; keep your health care, period; I didn’t know. How dare Fox to keep real news alive? 


When did our village start holding meetings in the bar room? Is this advertised to the public?


We have a problem with snow removal from sidewalks. Eventual removal can take a week or more with prodding from the city; the whole time we wait. People need to walk in the street around the home. We have community service pick up litter in summer; why not shovel now?


I think it’s amazing when local politicians take credit for things they had very little to do with (Farm Bill). Yet you can never seen to find them when the debate over Obamacare surfaces, even though they were big supporters of it.


The American people have fallen into a trap. Through demographics, opinion polls and social media, we have created the cookie-cutter politician. Only genuine education on sociopolitical affairs for all the masses can pierce this false shell. Look past trivial ideology to study real intentions.

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