February 12, 2014

Speakout: Feb. 12, 2014


Tipping should not be a responsibility of the customer. Restaurants should have to pay their employees minimum wage like every other business. You say we won’t get good service without a tip incentive; I say get a new job, you don’t deserve our money.


I realize waiters/waitresses provide a service, but so do retail sales associates, bank tellers, gas-station attendants, movie employees, cell-phone associates, grocery-store clerks, the list goes on and on. We do not have to tip these people in exchange for good service; it’s happily provided free.


If the state will offer 10 years of no taxes so entrepreneurs can get richer, how about 10 years of profit sharing for the people who will do all the work?


So, your gun sitting on a table killed no one. Neither did my car sitting in my driveway. But for my car, I need a license, registration and insurance, and I have to pass a test to use it. For a gun, all I need is money to purchase it.


Thank You, PR, for continuing to allow the whinefest that is Speakout. From over 500 miles away I enjoy going online every so often to see what everyone is griping about. BTW, tip your servers, it’s custom and downright kind.


What are we going to do about these rowdy college kids? They ride their skateboards on the sidewalk and are profane around my two dogs. I thought this was a nice town.


Seals in Alaska are dying off and becoming sick from unknown reasons. Being directly downwind from Japan, perhaps it’s radiation? Nobody else find it odd that one of the biggest nuclear disasters of our time does not get any attention from media?


Why can’t local cemeteries keep roads plowed in the cemetery so we can visit and tend to loved ones’ graves. This isn’t difficult. Equipment is there at the cemetery. Also, the church parking lot was worse shape this year I’ve ever seen it.


Do tip regardless of bad service. In case you forgot, servers are human, too. A bad day shouldn’t result in an inability to pay heat. Have some compassion.

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