May 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2013


---- — Supports candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Please join me in supporting Andy Brockway, Ken Maurer and Mike Hagadorn to fill three vacant seats on the Beekmantown School Board.

BCSD had over a $10 million surplus just three years ago, and by July 2013, that surplus will have vanised. Our incumbent board members approved budgets that ripped through $10 million very quickly and seemingly without forethought.

The NYS Comptroller’s Report ending March 31, 2010, cited the BCSD for having $10 million over the legal limit. The report said: “District officials should develop a plan to use the excess fund balance in a manner that benefits district taxpayers. To provide appropriate transparency, the use of this surplus should be done through the budget process with public disclosure. Such uses include but are not limited to reducing property taxes, increasing necessary reserves, paying off debt and financing one-time expenditures.”

These were the recommendations of the comptroller, but is that how the $10 million was spent? No, it was not used to reduce taxes, pay off debt or one-time expenditures. The $10 million was used to heavily subsidize budgets — budgets that the taxpayers could not have otherwise afforded, budgets that were unsustainable and irresponsible.

Now the money is gone, and we sit atop massive obligations” nearly $100 million for retiree health care alone. Similar to 25 percent of North Country schools, without significant changes we, too, are on the road to insolvency.

We have an opportunity this year to add three more responsible people to the board, people who will be accountable to the residents, will implement a long-term financial plan and are ready to make tough decisions instead of kicking the can down the road.

Please support Andy Brockway, Ken Maurer and Mike Hagadorn on May 21.

Candidate information is available at




Leave Contingency

TO THE EDITOR: The Plattsburgh City School budget is a sham.

The budget shows an account called “Leave Contingency.” In the past five years, officials have budgeted $1.1 million for this account, however, during that period not one penny has been spent for that purpose.

The School District transferred almost $700,000 from “Leave Contingency” to pay for various expenses, including “maintenance,” “salaries,” “legal” and “retirement incentives,” but not one penny was spent for “Leave Contingency.”

This year, they’ve budgeted $100,000 for the “Leave Contingency” account. Since the School District has not spent one penny for “Leave Contingency” in the past six years, why are they asking for $100,000? What is the real use of this account other than to inflate the budget? The “Leave Contingency” account is a phantom account.

When inquiry was made about the “Leave Contingency” account at the last meeting, it was met with a stony silence from school officials and School Board. They provided no answers.

There are other phantom accounts in the current and past budgets that hold funds solely to be transferred for other purposes, accounts where not even one penny was spent for their intended use.

The School District is asking for an increase in spending of 4.8 percent, yet the increase in the Consumer Price Index is only 1.5 percent. In that 4.8 percent increase are other deceptively named accounts similar to ‘Leave Contingency.”

This deception is enabled by a suspect accounting method where district officials compare Budget to Budget data instead of Budget to “Actual” data. The correct way to compile a budget is against prior years’ “Actual” data.

Did your wages go up by 4.8 percent this year? Neither did mine. Vote no on this budget and elect financially responsible Board Members on May 21.




Children’s books

TO THE EDITOR: In early 2013, the Dannemora Free Library was awarded a Books for Children grant from the Libri Foundation.

If the library could raise $250, the grant would enable selection of $750 worth of children’s books.

Letters were sent to local businesses requesting donations to fund the $250. Thanks to the very generous support of many, the goal was not only met but exceeded. With the money, we were able to purchase 65 children’s books.

The following donors helped the Dannemora Free Library reach its goal: Dick’s Liquors, Laura Holzer’s Personal Wellness, Edward Breyette’s, E & E Sheds, Windover’s Home Center, Dannemora Federal Credit Union, Reisdorf Redemption Center, Maggy Pharmacy, Dannemora Ford, D C Auto Parts, Maplefield’s (R.L. Vallee Inc.) and Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Pete) Barber.

We truly appreciate the outstanding generosity of these businesses and encourage our library friends to patronize them.



Dannemora Free Library Board Trustees


Liberal opposites

TO THE EDITOR: The fact-challenged liberal loons who comment anonymously on Letters to the Editor in the online Press-Republican deserve to have their heads examined.

A more motley crew of nameless, cowardly, pismires and pussy willows could not be assembled by any other means.

If liberal Democrats were as stupid about everything as they are about politics, would they be able to tie their own shoes or housebreak each other? That’s doubtful. Red diaper dingbat babies have been brainwashed from childhood to believe Republicans and conservatives are pure evil, and whatever The Right’s position, they must take the opposite side.

Liberals see Conservatives as those who discriminate so they must be indiscriminate, seeing no difference between workers and moochers or responsible gun owners and criminals.

Liberals see Conservatives as greedy and selfish, so they must give (not their own money, for heaven’s sake) to the “disadvantaged by taking from the “greedy.”

Liberals see Conservatives as anti-black racists, so they must be the opposite, anti-white racists.

Liberal Democrats see Conservatives as anti-gay, so they must be anti-straight and destroy the concept of marriage.

Liberal Democrats see health insurance as Republican greed, so they will destroy it to replace it with a bureaucratic nightmare we can’t afford.

Opposite is as opposite does.

Liberal dipsticks, from Obama on down do the opposite of Conservatives not because it works but because it makes them feel superior. What happens to We The People is of no consequence.




Brockway support

TO THE EDITOR: Andrew Brockway is running for a seat on the BCS School Board.

I know Andrew better than anybody else; I am his mother. He has always had an interest in public service, as evident from his attendance at various town and city board meetings, being a past member of Rotary and former intern for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Andrew moved back to the area to practice law, where he focuses on family law. He cares about children, and I know he will take that passion to the School Board.

Andrew also has many teachers in his family, so he will be mindful of their concerns as well.

Please join me in supporting Andrew for the School Board on May 21.