May 10, 2013

Speakout: May 10, 2013


Why are there such disgraced buildings being allowed to stand in neighborhoods? We pay our taxes and keep our property maintained only to have houses that are not livable stand and not be torn down and cleaned.


Thank you for the nice article on Plattsburgh Airport and the people at TSA. TSA agents are usually interested in showing how important they are. But the ones at Plattsburgh are very nice, and it is nice to travel out of that airport.


Sure is wonderful that the nation is so much more secure since Obama took office. Ask the people of Boston how secure they feel.


Should readers of this newspaper be informed of the fact that the U.S. government made a USDA film called “Hemp for Victory” encouraging and providing seeds to farmers to help win World War II? Watch it on youtube.


I travel a lot and always get patted down because of my hip. At Plattsburgh I had a pat-down and the TSA person was Officer Latta, and she spoke to me with a kind voice, she explained things nicely and was very respectful. They should all be like this.


A huge thank you to the person who returned the $61 that I mistakenly left in the self-checkout machine. It means so much to know that there are honest people out there.


When budgets are tight, the first place to look for cost savings is top administration, especially when funded by local dollars. This goes for our community college too.


After 9/11, I remember some people coming out into the street of Peru, yelling their hatred at the rhetorical enemy in blood-curdling epithets. After the Boston bombs, there will probably be more venting. May God save our nation and make it a place of hope.

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