October 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 26, 2012


---- — White ribbons

TO THE EDITOR: The target for the White Ribbon Campaign (WRAP) this year is the harm that it causes our citizens.

The campaign will be Oct. 28 through Nov. 11. Please display white ribbons on your lapel, on automobile antennas, door knobs, etc.

Pornography is only the tip of the iceberg. It leads to many other problems associated with sexual perversion. There are several laws against pornography. Many of them specify harm to children, and the solution is prosecution.

Unfortunately, some cases are never reported to authorities, and authorities need to be reminded when problems exist. Awareness, education and protest are the life blood of the campaign. Pornography is rampant on the Internet, TV, movies, music, magazines, video, cell phones etc.

Subscribe to Morality In Media’s newsletter or go to their website. Voice your opinion at Write letters and e-mails. Write to your president, legislators, advertisers, editors, TV stations, etc.

Petition your U.S. attorneys to enforce the federal obscenity laws. Pray that the United States will shield itself from this cancer in our country.


Lake Placid


Election machines

TO THE EDITOR: Tea-Publicans are running out of reversionary, angry white men, necessitating new ways to propagate the economic apartheid allowing the force-feeding of our money to corporations, heavy industry and the military like they’re Strasbourg geese.

Their standard methodology of lies, treachery, corruption and false patriotism remains, but they’ve focused much of their rhetoric of transference (accusing others of the very sins they’re committing) to the co-opting of the electoral process. Theirs is an elitist ideology rooted in racism, classism and maintaining that voting is a privilege, not a right. They understand the power of the majority is the foremost threat to fascistic dominance.

Integral to their plans to privatize, monopolize and politicize electronic voting was, ironically, their theft of the 2000 presidential election. The pursuant outrage fueled passage of the Bush administration’s self-serving legislation mandating the computerization of voting machines, yet providing no effective governmental oversight.

It permitted one political party the ownership and governance of virtually the entire e-voting industry, from registration, printing, sales and programming through tabulation. Controlling these entwined, shadow companies are Bush/Cheney cronies: business partners and state campaign officials, cash cows and pals from highest levels of the CIA, NSA and defense and aerospace industries.

The machines are notorious for secretive, defective and manipulated software and unsecured, malfunctioning hardware. This results in a history (and future) of compromised elections, because of unreadable, erased, missing or wrongly counted ballots. Additionally, technology, contractual stipulations and lack of paper ballots disallows manual counting for verification, audits and recounts.

Tea-Publicans get their desired voter cynicism, apathy and depressed election turnout, which is encapsulated by the 19th century NYC pol “Boss” Tweed’s quote: “As long as I get to count the votes, what are you going to do about it?”




Justice candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Judges Dunlap and Meseck-Pratt have served the town of Chazy extremely well since they were voted into office together.

They not only work in concert with each other but also with their court clerk and the District Attorney’s Office.

Since they have been in office, these judges are always available for arraignments, which brings more money into the Town of Chazy. They generate a revenue almost double that of the court’s budget.

In contrast to the current judges, their opponent Chris Latremore is a person who is spread very thin already in his commitments.

If we let either Judge Dunlap or Judge Meseck-Pratt be voted out, we will be losing out as a community not only in revenue but also in good common justice.




President’s choices

TO THE EDITOR: You get elected president and spend three days holding inaugural balls.

On day four, you take your wife to New York City for dinner and a Broadway show. Day six, you’re in the Middle East apologizing to those countries for George Bush’s handling of his foreign policy. These same countries will later have their Arab Spring. Coincidence?

Two weeks later, millions wasted on a photo op for the new Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty, scaring New York City’s people thinking another 9/11.

You spend the next two years with a super-majority pushing a health-care takeover. Sixty-two percent of Americans said, “no thanks; we’ll take jobs.” Even your second in line said, “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Fort Hood shooting. You called it “workplace violence” because you refuse to use the word Terrorism.

Ambassador Stevens was killed; you blamed it on a video, had the WNBA champions at the White House and flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser that day.

Seven months, not one presidential press conference to the American people. It’s like you are afraid to talk because you might have to answer the question without a teleprompter.

You have spent more time out of the White House than George Bush did on his Crawford ranch, since being elected, and left-wing media refuses to point this out. They want Romney’s tax records. We want your hands out of your pockets when you say in your ads, “I approve this message.”

If anyone has ever watched Judge Judy, Joe Brown or Judge Milian, you should know by now. Never give your credit card to someone who has never worked and wants those who do to pay it back.


West Chazy


Storm support

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank Congressman Bill Owens and his staff (Molly Ryan) for all of their help during and after Tropical Storm Irene.

As a result of the storm, the main water line in District 1 was damaged in the bed of the Ausable River. This project somehow was overlooked, and a project worksheet was never written for Black Brook’s portion of the project.

After a call to Congressman Owens’s Plattsburgh office and talking to Molly Ryan, I was reassured that it would be taken care of. Within one week, a meeting was set up with FEMA and the State Office of Emergency Management.

Congressman Owens and his staff have been in contact daily to make sure that Black Brook got everything that we needed to rebuild the water system.

It is of great comfort to know that we have such wonderful people watching out for us in the North Country.


Black Brook supervisor


Energetic leadership

TO THE EDITOR: Columnist George Will stated that “Voters don’t decide issues; they decide who will decide issues.” As Nov. 6 approaches, who will decide issues?

Matt Doheny has tirelessly traveled throughout the expansive 21st Congressional District listening to people. He has been at parades, fairs, town hall meetings and your local businesses hearing your concerns and thoughts.

Matt Doheny has also shared his ideas on job creation, business development and fighting governmental waste.

Matt grew up here, and he understands us. He has the demonstrated skills to represent us well in Congress.

In contrast, incumbent Bill Owens has failed to effectively represent the North Country over and over again.

Just after Christmas, Bill Owens and his wife took a four-day luxury trip to Taiwan arranged by a D.C. lobbyist, in violation of House ethics rules. Owens and his wife enjoyed first-class flights, meals and averaged $520 per night for lodging. The grand total for the trip, $22,132, was initially paid for by the Chinese Cultural University.

After Politico and Propublica broke the story, Owens personally reimbursed the foreign organization for all costs.

The North Country already had a significant unemployment rate. But since Bill Owens was first elected, we have lost 5,000 additional jobs.

We need enthusiastic and energetic leadership for our district. Common sense and honesty is also essential. Matt Doheny has demonstrated all those qualities.

I can think of no better candidate to represent me, my family and my neighbors. I encourage all North Country voters to support Matt Doheny on Election Day.


Saranac Lake