October 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 22, 2012



TO THE EDITOR: With all the political gloom-and-doom scenarios from the right, I thought I would look into a possible alternative future.

Dateline: 10-10-2013. Less than a year after President Romney was elected by a slim margin, the White House announced a third tax increase for all citizens earning less than 50K per year. With the legitimate unemployment rate now at 4 percent, political opponents disputed that figure.

The spokesman defended removal from the unemployment statistics of all those unemployed more than four weeks, repeating the president’s advice that these “chronically unemployed should borrow money from their parents and stop sponging off the government.”

Vice President Ryan has also announced the final dissolution of the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs, allowing funds from these wasteful government charities to be utilized for the wars with Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Under the new provisions of the Patriot Act, all nationalized hospital emergency rooms will consign to military service all patients who don’t meet the new federal standards for illness protocols. Those deemed too ill for military service will be assigned to one of the 12 major munitions-production facilities to further the war effort.

The recently created Joe McCarthy Memorial Anti-Communist Program has moved to denounce the Democratic Party as a communist organization, clearing the way for the total removal of Democrats from all elected offices. VP Ryan, wiping away tears of his proud patriotism, stated that: “This is a great step forward for the Republican Party and will create more jobs in the prison system once these commies are convicted of their crimes and brought to justice.”

The president, on a four-week vacation in the Caymans, was unavailable for comment, but his spokesman directed all inquiries to the Presidential Call Center in New Delhi.


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