March 18, 2013

Speakout: March 18, 2013


Sounds like the New York state gun regulations are a great way to weed out the crazies on our police force.


Instead of complaining about not getting tips, you should be grateful that you have a job.


Grandparent, instead of complaining in Speakout, call your parent or in-law and tell them how much your children miss them.


You either need a cop or camera in the intersection of Route 3 and Price Chopper for the people that block you in. Sometimes you sit there for two or three lights.


I want to see my grandkids and cant. So anyone who gets to have their grandkids over, feel grateful. I oppose someone using grandkids to get even with their parent; withholding them from grandma and grandpa is abusive.’


The Second Amendment is the only amendment that protects all other amendments. Benjamin Franklin said: “Any man that will give up liberty for a false sense of safety deserves neither and will lose both.”


Police officer, nowhere in the state or federal constitutions is anyone guaranteed the right to own automatic weapons. If you are unwilling to do your job due to an extreme political agenda, you should resign.


I’ve yet to hear a legitimate argument against gun regulation. All I hear is that it’s illegal to take away guns or the right to own guns, which no one is attempting to do.

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