August 9, 2013

Speakout: Aug. 9, 2013


When going out in public, have some respect for yourself and the others around you; get dressed.


What we need in the Town of Plattsburgh is a Christmas Tree Shop. What do you say?


Kudos to the woman who saved the turtle on Route 11. She had her driver pull over to the side of the road, exited the car, went back and redirected traffic around the turtle and then carried it to the side of the road. A very kind deed.


Jeers to the group of women who complained about everything at a local restaurant, then consumed most of their free meal and took the rest home with them. Ladies (and I use that term loosely), your behavior was deplorable. Sorry I sat close to you.


About packaging donated produce: Exactly how much does a family of four eat? Doesn’t that depend on their ages? I can see not wanting overripe and, I guess, washing them, but packaging them for a family of four? Seniors live in groups of four now?


I agree about the smoking; it is rude and my car smells like smoke because a technician who smokes got in it to work on it. I can tell when a smoker gets in my car.


Thank you to the state trooper and four men who were kind enough to stop what they were doing and help me and my three girls change my flat tire at the interstate rest stop. I didn’t get your names, but I won’t forget your kindness and generosity.


Just when I think the Zimmerman issue if finally dying down, someone else decides to write to a paper. Please stop showing your ignorance of the case. Know the facts, not just what MSNBC tells. Most of the trial is online for everyone to view and hear the facts.


A beautiful day in the Adirondacks ruined by the all the towns around Placid being shut down and blocked off by the influx of the Ironman. All filling the coffers of Lake Placid with tourist dollars. Keep them in Lake Placid.

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