August 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 9, 2013


---- — Sign vandalized

TO THE EDITOR: Just recently, the Mooers Library sign was vandalized.

It was knocked completely off its posts and thrown on the lawn. Vandalism is always upsetting, but this is all the more disturbing because libraries stand for knowledge, information and community networking.

I hope that this has nothing to do with the building of a new Library/Community Center, which does have some opposition. It is difficult to understand any opposition to a new Library/Community Center when the land has been donated and the librarian, Jackie Madison, has been very successful in obtaining grants to help with the building expenses.

The library has received two federal and state library grants: one for $10,835 and one for $30,467. Also, the library has received $5,050 to update all the computers. There have also been donations from foundations and private individuals that bring the total to $53,652.

There is only one catch, the $30,467 grant will have to be returned unless work on the site has begun by the end of August.

I lived in Mooers for 35 years, and I have every hope that the people of Mooers who realize what a benefit a new Library/Community Center will be for the town will let their voices be heard and that they will not let this wonderful opportunity be lost.




Closure correct

TO THE EDITOR: I am old, have worked for the feds (U.S. Navy), lengthy employment for four private concerns and also worked in the state corrections system.

Keeping mind that the correctional system does not generate value.

Your viewpoint provides the ammunition for the need to close Chateaugay Correctional Facility for the same reason that it was right to close Lyon Mountain.

In your editorial, you state that the inmate population is 234 while the staff is 111. That is 2-to-1 inmate-to-staff ratio. That ratio, especially with the type of inmate threat, is unacceptable to the taxpayers. The same was true in Lyon Mountain.

The powers that be should be looking for private-sector investment in the area to employ those who live here and make it possible for the young who wish to stay in the area to make their career here.

I am not privy to the bed count in the system, but if there are still plenty of beds with these small, poor-ratio facilities closed, then so be it.

I have thoughts on the Postal Service that I’ll save for another time.


Lyon Mountain