November 26, 2013

Editorial: Toronto mayor needs to resign


According to The New York Times, Ford hails from Etobicoke, a suburb with a large working-class immigrant population in the western edge of Toronto, one of several small cities that became part of a large-scale Toronto under unification in 1998.

Etobicoke and some of the other suburbs haven’t seen the same explosive economic growth as the old city, where real estate, arts, money and cultural life have flourished. The old Toronto values, particularly discouraging the use of cars, clashed with those suburbanites.

With its proximity to Canada, the North Country has a “neighbor’s” interest in what happens in that country, so the Toronto mayor’s troubles have been watched here.

It’s too bad the City Council doesn’t have more power to remove a mayor who is staining the reputation of a city known for its beauty, cleanliness and serenity.

And someone who apparently can’t see that it is time to resign.

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