September 2, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 2, 2012


---- — Expense

The city doesn’t need the expense of a public pool. If you don’t like the beach, then buy an easy-set pool. I have one; it isn’t the best. but it gets the job done. Just remember, if you live in the city or town, beach entrance is free.


I am a Canadian transferred here. We left our homes and families to train people here. Do we want to be here? Most of the time. Most companies will keep good employees. We will not tolerate people who do not show up or fool around.


The City of Plattsburgh needs to invest in more receptacles on the corners, especially around residential areas.


Why do people think they have to toss their fast-food wrappers and Coke containers out of their vehicles? Stop being lazy and ignorant and discard your garbage properly.


I don’t understand why, when you go to the ER, you go through alot of questions in the beginning and then the doctor comes in and says, “So why are you here?” I just told the nurse all that for 20 minutes. Just wondering.


Why the pleading for school supplies? Parents, if you cannot afford to buy pens and pencils for your children, maybe you should reconsider the decision to become a parent.


To the gentleman in the black Honda Accord ahead of me at the Route 3 Dunkin’ Donuts on Aug. 6 at 7:15 a.m., thank you for paying for my order. What a great way to start the week; it was awesome.


Really, New York buying more land. I though the state was broke; but wait, it just furloughed all the state workers. Couldn’t find anything better to do with the money.


To the person who wrote about Canadians “stealing jobs.” Just so you know, there are many Canadian companies in the area that have created many jobs for Americans. I guess in the economy and market, it comes to competence and not nationality. Perhaps you weren’t up to snuff? Just saying.


Thank you to Martin Harding and Mazotti as well as Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie and his office for sponsoring the Free Bike Helmet event on Saturday, Aug. 4. My family’s noggins are now all protected. It was much appreciated.

Dog control

Two calls to the town dog-control officer within a week left unreturned. A call to the town supervisor left unreturned. Where are they? Who really runs this town?


Two manhunts in a little over a week and nobody caught? It seems our taxes are being spent on training how to ticket college students for loud music instead of fighting real crime.


I learned in health class that marijuana is a gateway drug to bigger drugs, like cocaine, heroin and crystal-meth. So why do progressives want to legalize it as medicinal?


This is a response to the person who wrote the Speakout about “Aliens”: I think you have forgotten how your ancestors got here. They probably got here the same way that the (as you cal l them) aliens got here.