September 22, 2013

Clinton County Property Transactions


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from Sept. 9 through 13, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To Patrick Berry and Bonnie Berry from Valerie Shippee formerly known as Valerie Collins, Peru, $234,500.

To Sharon Hackett from Ronald J. Sherling as trustee of the Clarence and Audrey Allen Irrevocable Personal Residence Trust, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Karissa R. Perkins and Kevin J. Perkins from Daniel G. Newell Jr. and Karissa R. Newell now known as Karissa R. Perkins, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Mark T. Leclair as trustee of the Sally A. LeClair Irrevocable Trust from Mark T. LeClair as trustee of the Sally A. LeClair Irrevocable Trust, City of Plattsburgh, $582,150.

To Linda B. Leidner from Virginia M. Murphy, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Chad P. Varden and Meagan P. Trainer from Christina M. Lambert, Beekmantown, $117,200.

To RL Vallee Inc. from David S. Gordon and Rick Quero, Peru, $90,000.

To John Gibbons from Barry Newcombe and Keith Bryant, Altona, $10,000.

To Faith Osborne Long from Ladd B. Osborne and Faith M. Osborne Long, Peru, zero dollars.

To Patrick E. Pellerin from Daniel J. Waldron and Janet G. Waldron, Plattsburgh, $50,000.

To Melissa Renadette from Tyson L. Drown and Valerie L. Drown, Town of Plattsburgh, $91,620.

To Benjamin H. Jarvis from Garry L. Bashaw and Brett J. Bashaw as trustees of the Valeda C. Bashaw Irrevocble Trust, Peru, $71,000.

To Russell E. Guay from Russell E. Guay, Peru, zero dollars.

To Deutsche Bank National Trust Company from Matthew G. Favro, Robert Steven Criss, Bonnie Lee Criss also known as Bonnie Lee Macey, Plattsburgh, $62,199.25.

To Ricky J. Adragna and Rene Adragna from Judith A. Urban, Diane M. Urban and Brian M. Warman, Dannemora, $90,000.

To Champlain Valley Christian Center from Behavorial Health Services North Inc., City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Carolyn Field, Mary Champlain, Kathleen Field, Shelia I. Field, Colleen A. Champlain, Elizabeth D. Canty and Kelly Connaughton from Carolyn Fielder, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Leonard R. Drown and Sheila A. Drown from Tyson L. Drown and Valerie L. Drown, Schuyler Falls, $36,498.03.

To Ronald R. Hicks from Patricia J. Kelley, Champlain, $4,382.

To Franco Tedino from Richard L. Savage Jr. and Leanne M. Savage, Saranac, $40,000.

To David T. Wood and Cheryl Christian from Tyson L. Drown and Valerie L. Drown, Plattsburgh, $500.

To James E. Champagne and Karen S. Champagne from Myron H. Ducharme, Chazy, $70,000.

To Jacob A. Ashline Jr. and Julie B. Ashline from Florence Meiler as administrator of the estate of Pauline J. Filion, Champlain, $9,750.

To Richard D. Sorel and Robert C. Sorel from Douglas J. Wolinsky and Barbara Filion, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Jessica A. Langfield and Michael P. Langfield from Walter Lafave and Julia A. Lafave, Altona, zero dollars.

To Adirondack Farms LLC from Ronald W. Mallernee and Rena R. Mallernee, Ausable, $65,000.

To Bonnie Maggy from Joel T. Maggy, Altona, zero dollars.

To Bruce L. Ladue and Brent J. Ladue from Bruce L. Ladue, Brent J. Ladue, Leland J. Ladue, Yvonne Rene Ladue, Jordan Ladue and Abby Ladue, Chazy/Champlain/Mooers, zero dollars.

To Argosy Holdings LLC from Quarry Road Properties LLC, Plattsburgh, $600,000.

To Argosy Holdings LLC from Quarry Road Properties LLC, Plattsburgh, $60,000.

To Chantay M. Knapp and Betsy J. Whelden from Chanay Nephew Knapp, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Richard N. Bola from Amy L. Betters and Daniel J. Betters, Schuyler Falls, $31,900.

To Lake City Holdings LLC from Neil E. Fessette, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Giroux Poultry Farm Inc. from Steven B. Bechard and Vina E. Bechard, Chazy, $124,000.

To Chun Lun Li and James Li from Churubusco Lodge Inc., Clinton, $170,000.

To Joshua K. Howell and Sarah L. Howell from Rovers Farm Inc., Chazy, $35,000.

To Liam M. Mahoney and Carlinda M. Mahoney from Daniel M. Laurin and Shelley M. Laurin, Champlain, $224,900.

To Richard L. Japhet and Nancy L. Japhet from Mark Young and Betsy Kemp, Champlain, $11,500.

To Mark R. Young and Betsy A. Kemp from Citifinancial Services Inc., Mooers, $16,825.

To Christopher J. Munn and Tammy J. Munn from David J. Cooke, Peru, $285,000.

To Melissa A. Soden and Brian D. Guerin from Cheryl Spoor, Altona, $130,950.

To Darrel V. Rascoe from Hilary L. Cross formerly known as Hilary L. Bell, City of Plattsburgh, $108,000.

To Corey Boyd from Lyle L. Patnode and Patricia M. Patnode, Champlain, $153,000.

To Carlton Comstock, Ann Comstock and Jane Cannon from Freida Lamar, Dannemora, $62,000.

To Fred Giguere from Federal National Mortgage Association, Saranac, $87,500.