Property Transfers

June 2, 2013

Franklin County Property Transactions: April 8 through 12, 2013

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County April 8 through 12, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Frankliln County Clerk’s Office:

To Joel Stretch from Stacey Stretch, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Thomas Howard Brennan and Ann Elizabeth Brennan, trustees of the Brennan Family Revocable Trust, from Thomas Howard Brennan and Elizabeth Brennan, Franklin, $10.

To David J. Fleury from Tammy Fleury, Malone, zero dollars.

To Larry Benzie and Nicole Benzie from Sheila Lyon Malloy, Brighton, $10,000.

To Karen P. Fardelmann from Virginia T. Peyrek, Franklin, $10.

To Gail A. Corbin from Annabelle M. Paradis, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Benjamin P. Tabor and Sharon L. Tabor from Benjamin P. Tabor, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Jay Earl from Dale Earl, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Chad K. Niles and Belinda R. Niles from Margaret Calver, executrix for Dorothy C. Labertrandie, Moira, $2,500.

To Joseph R. Bigness from Robert Bigness, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Phyllis C. Kemp, Jane E. LaValley, Keith M. Clark, Carolyn A. Showers and Karen Lee C. Keen from Phyllis C. Kemp, Jane E. LaValley, Keith M. Clark and Carolyn A. Showers, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Kevin McManus and Mary McManus from Arthur Perrea, Dickinson, $24,000.

To Joel A. Craig and Sarah Lauzon Craig from Eric Craig and Karen Craig, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Eric Craig from Joel A. Craig and Sarah Lauzon Craig, Bangor, zero dollars.

To James C. Colantuoni from Lora A. Brown, Harrietstown, $37,000.

To Tyler E. Jock and Brandy N. Jock from Calvin L. Francis and Beverly G. Francis, Moira, $35,000.

To Norman J. Bonner III from Norman J. Bonner III, Vicki Fox and Christine Mandigo, Westville, $45,000.

To Peggy Ann Swiskoski from Jeffrey B. Smith and Michele R. Smith, Malone, $17,000.

To Derek B. Yedd and Sheena Yeddo from Derek B. Yeddo and Terrance F. Allen, Malone, zero dollars.

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Property Transfers