Property Transfers

September 1, 2013

Franklin County Property Transfers



To Enzo Paoletti from Enzo Paoletti and Debra Bamberger also known as Debra Duguay, Tupper Lake, $22,590.

To Jammie Walsh from Diana I. Gaff, Tupper Lake, $42,000.

To Nathaniel W. Benware from Carolyn Demps now known as Carolyn Demps King, Waverly, $22,500.

To Nathaniel W. Benware from Thomas J. Eno and Elsie E. Eno, Waverly, $18,000.

To Scott D. Martelle and Alicia Martelle from Wells Fargo Bank NA, Harrietstown, $110,000.

To Julie Hutchins from Richard G. Yando, Malone, zero dollars.

To The Barber Revocable Family Trust from Richard Barber and Eva Barber, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Steven K. Dubois from Lisa Vanier, Bellmont, $61,000.

To EH Pooled 513 LP from Wells Fargo Bank, Harrietstown, $22,500.

To Jenna E. Coronel from Felicia M. Sullivan and Rosalind C. Needham as co-executrixes of the last will and testament of Margaret A. McCarthy, Malone, $57,500.

To Camil J. Maroun from David J. Bell, Tupper Lake, $90,000.

To Joaquim Duarte and Maria D. Duarte from Ludovino Correia and Joaquim Duarte, Malone, $60,000.

To Gerald Tuper Jr. from Gerald T. Tuper Jr. and Patricia A. Tuper, Bombay, zero dollars.

To Earl Hart and Betty J. Hart from John Kelly, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To John Kelly from Earl Hart and Betty J. Hart, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Lance Whipple from Charles E. Hollis, Moira, $20,000.

To Patrick Harvey from Justin Moulton and Jo Ellen Moulton, Fort Covington, $2,100.

To Christopher M. McGrath and Elizabeth McGrath from Jeffrey S. Normandin and Penny A. Normandin, Brandon, zero dollars.

To Brian M. Fournier and Patricia A. Steenberge from Michael J. Meagan II and Valerie M. Meagan, Malone, $15,000.

To Kevin L. Pelkey from Barbara Wenner, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Joann Fountain and Dennis Lavigne from County of Franklin, Constable, $3,456.72.

To Jaques DeMars and Cynthia A. DeMars from Susan L. Sochia, individually and as executrix and sole beneficiary of the estate of Leo C. Furlong, Franklin, $20,000.

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Property Transfers