March 31, 2013

Clinton County Property Transactions


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County March 1 through March 15, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office: To AWCC  Assets LLC from St. Lawrence Valley Dairy Inc., Town of Clinton, $885,000.

To Elwood P. Lapier and Carolyn M. Lapier from Brenda L. Blanchard as executrix of the last will and testament of Orrell T. Blanchard Sr. , City of Plattsburgh, $43,000.

To Scott D. Bodette and Gayle M. Bodette, formerly known as Gayle M. Thibault, from Scott Bodette, Town of Champlain, $14,000.

To Dennis A. Rasco and Linda M. Rasco from Dennis Rasco and Harriet A. Rasco, Town of Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Bianca Milot and Nicholas James Longino from Kelly A. Breen, Town of Plattsburgh, $125,000.

To Robert Atkinson from Diana Atkinson, Town of Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Robert Atkinson from Robert D. Atkinson and Diana L. Atkinson, Town of Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Richard L. Gladd and Kerry J. Gladd from Joseph A. Filion and Eleanor Filion, Town of Champlain, $4,000.

To Julie LaPierre from Doris Deif, Town of Plattsburgh, $31,000.

To Bryan M. Spooner from Barbara Spooner and Harold M. Spooner, Town of Altona, zero dollars.

To Yigang Song and Lili Zhao from Thomas G. Penfield and Mary Kay Penfield, City of Plattsburgh, $240,000.

To Rebecca B. Kasper from Peter Racine Jr. and Amy Racine, City of Plattsburgh, $150,000.

To Richard W. Burgess from Federal National Management Association, Town of Mooers, $81,550.

To Mark Varin from Pine Haven of the North Country, Town of Plattsburgh, $160,000.

To Todd Manning from Susan M. Manning, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Chad O. Kiniry from Chad O. Kiniry and Amanda H. Shalton, Town of Peru, zero dollars.

To Dean Spoor from Rodney K. Parker, executor of the last will and testament of Shirley Parker, Town of Ellenburg, $8,000.

To Michael J. Murphy from Florence B. Murphy, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Corey Graham Howe and Jennifer Howe from Darren S. Loucks and Carol A. Loucks, Town of Mooers, $167,000.

To Jeremy Ballard from Daniel W. Rillahan, City of Plattsburgh, $80,000.

To Kevin M. Rotz from Towne and Country Homes LLC, Town of Peru, $225,000.

To Kyle L. Gadway and Katie C. Page from David T. Fleming and Renata L. Fleming, Town of Beekmantown, $112,000.

To Leslie E. Capen from Rita Capen as executrix of the last will and testament of Travis A. Capen, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Stephen A. Danussi Jr. from Stephen Danussi, Town of Clinton, zero dollars. 

Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County March 18 through 22, 2013.

To Kimberly A. Rabideau from Bonnie J. Rabideau, Altona, corrective deed, Altona.

To Amy L. Provost and Cory A. Provost from Federal National Mortgage Association, Beekmantown, $99,000.

To Lloyd Abair and David E. Abair from Timothy Norton and Kathleen N. White, Ausable, $6,000.

To Joshua R. Meyer and Kelly Meyer from William T. Meconi and Barbara Davis Meconi, City of Plattsburgh, $237,000.

To Barbara J. Facteau and Timothy J. Facteau from Barbara J. Facteau, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Laura Baker from Phyllis Baker, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Medici Living Trust from Michael Medici, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Michael C. Pullus from Richard T. Smith and Karen A. Smith, Plattsburgh, $69,000.

To Sae-Lyn M. Garrant Loucy from Edward Garrant and Sandra Garrant, Beekmantown (2), zero dollars.

To Arthur E. Lamarche Jr. and Phillip M. Lamarche from Rosemary B. Lamarche, Arthur E. Lamarche Jr., Gerald L.Lamarche and Phillip M. Lamarche, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Stephen Novacich and Elizabeth Elliott from Howard A. Lowe and Sandra M. Lowe, Plattsburgh, $375,000.

To Stewarts Shops Corp. from Countryside ALF LLC, AuSable, $412,371.

To Donald E Strong Jr., Debra James Strong from Donald E. Strong Jr., City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Fred H. Lagoy from Fred H. Lagoy and Patti L. Lagoy, Altona, zero dollars.

To On The Wing Grouse Camp Trust from Amwell Valley Farm Inc., Ellenburg, $95,000.

To John R. Mazur and Eleanor J. Mazur from Eleanor J. Mazur, Plattsburgh (2), zero dollars.

To Sally B. Gibson from Matthew Gibson and Sally B. Gibson, Peru, zero dollars.

To Harold W. Hance from Joan C. Mussaw, Peru, $235,000.

To Carolyn A. Lawrence from Carolyn A. Lawrence formerly known as Carolyn A. Leary, zero dollars.

To Williams & Lawyer Properties LLC from Violet J. Warren, Plattsburgh, $175,000.

To Sylvia A. Russell from Jason S. Fuller, City of Plattsburgh, $150,000.

To Benjamin T. Tentis and Kaitlyn M. Tentis from Frank Filbir and Jonna Filbir, Plattsburgh, $183,000.

To Scott Earl Brown and Amanda Sue Brown from Brian E. Millett and Mary Edith Millett, Peru, $140,000.

To MRS of Clinton County Inc. from MRS of Clinton County Inc., Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To MRS of Clinton County Inc. from MRS of Clinton County Inc., Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Ellenburg Hardware Inc. from Gerald C. Dupuis and Rolland L. Dupuis, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Susan M. Thew and Bryan M. Thew from Glenn E. Pendleton, City of Plattsburgh, $77,500.

To Robert R. Rabideau and Vicki L. Rabideau from Martin L. Brothers and Tina M. Brothers, Chazy, zero dollars.