June 30, 2013

Franklin County Property Transactions


---- — MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from June 3 through 7, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Clarence Lester Jr., Wayne Lester, Steven Lester, Jane Lester and Judy Lester from Clarence H. Lester, Brighton, $1.

To April L. Conto from Shawn C. Conto, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Thomas R. St. John from Thomas R. St. John as executor of the last will and testament of Roy W. St. John, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Rose M. Marshall from Charmaine M. Marshall, Malone, $1.

To Carol A. White from Kenneth J. White Sr. and Carol A. White, Westville, $1.

To RD Holdings LLC from Dominick J. Santagate and Caroline Tracy Santagate, Harrietstown, $140,000.

To Alton J. Woods and Adele Woods from Carol A. Spinner, Malone, $45,000.

To Thomas B. White from Doreen Rockhill, Theron Rockhill and Kevin Rockhill, Moira, $7,500.

To Sally McShane and Kimberly Spinner from Sally McShane, Malone, zero dollars.

To Ricky J. Yelle from Carol Aubin and Kathy Aubin, Malone, zero dollars.

To Cory J. Cook from Gary L. Brown and Nancy L. Brown, Malone, $35,000.

To Adam G. Dewbury from Erin E. Farley, formerly known as Erin E. Farley-Davis,  Santa Clara, $155,000.

To Philip J. Johnston from Leland P. Marlow and Shirley Lepage Marlow, Bangor, $35,000.

To Michael McClatchie and Christina McClatchie from Gerald W. Bowers and Anne W. Bowers, Bellmont, $119,500.

To Donald Silver from Elsie L. Bonilla individually and surviving tenant by entirety of Jose V. Bonilla, Bellmont, $14,000.

To Gary Langdon and Dorlene Langdon from George J. Follett and Arlie Follett, Brandon, $35,000.

To Dean O. Burgess and Dana R. Burgess from Ronald E. Turbide, Franklin, $282,500.

To Lionel Menard and Cindi Menard from Jeffrey D. Menard, Franklin, $188,000.

To Garth S. Robideau and Brandy M. Robideau from John H. Robideau and Cindylu M. Robideau, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Joseph P. Lawless from Kimbee Properties Inc., Harrietstown, $25,000.

To Ann Marie Godin from Michael D. Barten and Patricia A. Barten, Tupper Lake, $83,000.

To Randall Boyea from Eva Bailey, Fort Covington, $30,000.

To Randall A. Boyea from Randall A. Boyea and Penny L. Boyea, Fort Covington, $1.

To Jack Prevost and Glen Delaronde from Emore Powers, Burke, $100,000.