November 6, 2013

Democrats gain two seats in Franklin Co. Legislature


---- — MALONE — Democrats gained even more seats on the Franklin County Legislature Tuesday when two incumbent Republicans were ousted.

And Kip Cassavaw was the apparent winner in the race for county clerk, defeating Cindy Gale 4,344 to 3,278.

In unofficial counts, Dr. Carl Sherwin was fewer than 60 votes ahead of incumbent Marc “Tim” Lashomb in District 4, where the outcome was 591 to 537, and Don Dabiew apparently defeated incumbent Republican Sue Robideau with an unofficial tally of 798 to 532.

Democrats now hold six of the seven seats on the County Legislature, which was previously split four Democrats to three Republicans this term.

“I don’t have the final numbers but I can tell you it’s gratifying, the support I got,” said Sherwin, singling out his 93-year-old mother, Mary Claire Sherwin, who campaigned door to door on his behalf.

Dabiew said he was “excited and very happy” to have apparently won the seat. “I think there is a lot of work ahead of me and a lot to be done,” he said.  

District 3 went to incumbent Malone Democrat Gordon Crossman over political newcomer Mark Besio by a vote of 566 to 490.

District 7 was an open seat as Saranac Lake Democrat Timothy Burpoe did not seek another term. The vacant position went to Barbara Rice, who defeated two challengers, Edwin Randig and Curtis Reynolds.

She got 819 votes compared to 273 for Randig and 198 for Reynolds.

Here are the tallies for all races around the county:


District Attorney: Derek Champagne (R), 7,112.

County Treasurer: Bryon Varin (D), 7,898.

County Clerk: Kip Cassavaw (D), 4,344; Cindy Gale (R), 3,278.

County Coroner (top two win): Martin Hughes II (R), 4,770; Bert Wilcox (R), 5,223.

Legislature District 1: Guy “Tim” Smith (D) 443.

Legislature District 2: Billy Jones (D) 1,074.

Legislature District 3: Gordon Crossman (D), 566; Mark Besio (R), 490.

Legislature District 4: Marc “Tim” Lashomb (R), 537; Carl Sherwin (D), 591.

Legislature District 5: Sue Robideau (R), 532; Don Dabiew (D), 798.

Legislature District 6: Paul Maroun (R), 1,033.

Legislature District 7: Edwin Randig (R), 273; Barbara Rice (D), 819; Curtis Reynolds (Independence Party), 198.


Town supervisor: Gary Monica (D, R) 288.

Town clerk: Linda Shova (D, R), 291.

Town Council (top two win): Tim Tallman (R, Action Party), 194; Gerald Perry (D), 180.

Town Council (two-year unexpired term): Joey St. Mary (D), 245.

Tax collector: Sharon Debyah (D, R), 190.

Highway superintendent: Jamie St. Hilaire (D, R), 283.


Town Council (top two win): Greg Langdon (Sunrise Party), 223; Wayne Rogers (R, Sunrise Party), 233.

Highway superintendent: Lee Davis (R, Sunrise Party), 252.


Town supervisor: Mary Frances Taylor (D) 161.

Town clerk: Jennifer Reardon (D), 198.

Town justice: Terrance Durant (D), 198.

Town Council (top two win): James Brann (D), 159; Jacque Leduc (D), 173.

Tax collector: Ann Dabiew (D), 196.

Highway superintendent: Jamie Durant (D), 200.


Town supervisor: Michael Lawrence (D, R) 157. 

Town clerk: Christine Marshall (R), 152.

Town justice: David Stevens (D), 85; Emily Lawrence (R), 102. 

Town Council (top two win): Ronald Goyea (R), 136; Gary Gonia (D), 90; Dale Marshall (R), 123.

Tax collector: Mary Gokey (R, D), 172.

Highway superintendent: Gary Marshall (D, R, Voice of the People), 164.


Town supervisor: Peter Shrope (D, R, C), 175.

Town Council (top two win): Amber McKernan (D, R), 169; Steve Tucker (D), 143; Sarah Knapp (R), 54.

Highway superintendent: Andy Crary (R, D, C).


Town supervisor: David Vincent (R, Agriculture), 209; Albert Johnson (D), 128.

Town clerk: Elizabeth Downing (R), 269; Stassa Neddo (D), 52.

Town Council (top two win): Timothy Crippen (D, Agriculture), 240; James Otis (R, Agriculture), 270.  

Tax collector: Bertha Leavitt (R), 319.

Highway superintendent: Thomas Russell (R), 173; Bryce LaPlante (D, People’s Choice), 167.


Town Council (top two win): William Nemier (D), 149; Frederick Cook (R), 255; William Trombly (R), 247.


Town supervisor: Richard Onufer (D) 154.

Town clerk: Sue Prue (R), 247.

Town Council (top two win): Melanie Lemire (D) 212; Stanley Tulip (D), 244.

Tax collector: Sheri Eaton (D), 240.

Highway superintendent: Larry Martin (D), 238.

Assessor: Laurie Marshall (D), 248.


Town supervisor: Sherry Smith (R, Unity) 149.

Town clerk: Tammy Daggett (D, R), 161.

Town Council (top two win): Robert Clark II (R, Unity), 139; William Greenwood (R), 131.

Tax collector: Kelly Clark (R, D, Unity), 170.

Highway superintendent: Joseph Clookey (R), 139.


Town supervisor: Ned Lemieux Sr. (R, D), 54.

Town clerk/tax collector: Sue Nitto (D, R), 52.

Town Council (top two win): Rita Gordon (D, R), 49; Mark Young (D, R), 48.

Highway superintendent: Ned Lemieux Jr. (R, D), 53

Town justice: Jim Lalonde (R, D), 53.


Town supervisor: Patricia Manchester (D, Unity) 276.

Town clerk: Christine Benway (D), 195; Joni Mitchell Oliver (R), 167.

Town Council (vote for two): Paul Lauzon (D, Unity), 297; David Russell (D), 281.

Tax collector: Karen Stowell (D), 315.

Highway superintendent: Gerard Leroux (R), 277.

Town justice: Christopher Nye (D), 151; Tony Leroux (R), 212.


Town supervisor: Arthur Willman Jr. (R, Integrity), 267.

Town clerk: Lauren Lefebvre (D, R, Integrity).

Town Council (top two win): Tom Bartiss (D), 250; Donald Hamm (R, Integrity), 131; Mary Ellen Keith (I Care Party), 143.

Highway superintendent: Jacques Demars (R, Integrity).  

Town justice: Roger Symonds (D).


Town supervisor: Robert Bevilacqua (R, C), 696.

Town clerk: Patricia Gillmett (R, C).

Town Council (top two win): Edward Goetz Jr. (D, Unity), 567; Ronald Keough (R, C), 540; Patricia Meagher (R, C), 515.

Town Council (two-year unexpired term): Howard Riley (D, Unity); Gerald Gillmett (R, C).

Highway superintendent: Craig Donaldson (R, C).


Town supervisor: Howard Maneely (D, R, C), 1,344.

Town Council (top two win): Mary Scharf (D, Common Sense), 936; Jack Sullivan (D), 974; Henry Gonyea (R), 622; Patrick Sherwin (R, C), 629.

Highway superintendent: Thomas Shanty (R), 1,462.


Town supervisor: James Begor (D), 158; Burton Peck IV (R), 333.

Town clerk: Kathleen Laramay (R), 451.

Town Council (top two win): Marty Burnett (D), 331; Darrin Jock (R), 238; Timothy Trimm (R), 271. 

Tax collector: Rita White (R), 451.

Highway superintendent: James Helm (D, R), 486.  

Town justice: James Durant (D), 436.


Town supervisor: Marcel “Mickey” Webb (R), 79.

Town clerk/tax collector: Laurie McGill (R), 7.

Town Council (vote for two): Philip Durkin (R), 73; David Perry (R), 72.

Highway superintendent: Andrew McGill (R), 7.


Town supervisor: Roger Amell (D, Maple Leaf), 508; Patricia Littlefield (R, C, Bright Future, Independence Party), 819. 

Town Council (top two win): John Quinn (D, Maple Leaf), 710; Sabrina Shipman (D, Maple Leaf), 458; Michael Dechene (R, C, Independence Party), 766; Donald Dew Jr. (R, C), 491; Eric Shaheen (R, C).


Town supervisor: Michael Bailey (R, Shamrock), 196.

Town clerk: Deborah Fraser (R, We The People), 227.

Town Council (top two win: Howard “Butch” Goodrow (R, We The People), 137; Lawrence Cheyne (D), 159; Ernest Witowski (D, Unity), 154.

Tax collector: Amy White (R), 232. 

Highway superintendent: Harold “Jack” Fraser (R, We The People), 224.


Town supervisor: Rod Lauzon (D, Westville Party), 163.

Town clerk: Ann Brady (D, Westville Party), 169.

Town Council (top two win): Michael Armstrong (D, Westville Party), 148; Robert Reynolds (D, Westville Party), 152.

Tax collector: Shirley Kelly (D, Westville Party), 179.

Highway superintendent: Kevin Nichols (D, Westville Party), 166.

Town justice: Darwin Fleury (D, Westville), 162.


Mayor: Paul Maroun (R, D, C).

Village trustee (top two win): Richard Donah (R, C, Independence Party); Leon Leblanc (R, C, Independence Party).  

Village justice (two-year unexpired term): Christopher Delair (R, C, Independence Party).